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Air Force Weeb Won’t Get His Head Out The Clouds

In my freshman year of high school I joined our school’s ROTC (Recruiting Officer Training Core). It was mostly because of my older sister’s influence but over time I made friends with my flight and it became like a second family to me. In the end I enjoyed the class so much I signed up for it every year through high school. Soon I became one of the only female commanders in our core.

Flash forward to senior year when I met my first weeaboo. Let’s call him J.

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Leadership Class and the Weeb Without Boundaries

Here is some background information: 

I decided to take an elective class known as, “Leadership Skills.” My older friends who had already taken it told me it was a great class to take if I wanted to branch out and meet other people or make an impact. 

Early on in this class, it was known that I was one of the youngest students in there. Most of the class were seniors, a few juniors, myself being the only sophomore, and then one freshman girl, who is the weeaboo of this story. 

I will be “Dog” in this story. 

Weeaboo will be “Vamp.” 

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Beware the Mechaboo

Here’s a key to names, also sorry for the immensely long story.
Shiny- My long-term best friend, and now boyfriend
Mech- The extremely insane weeb in question
Tabby- Me
It started at the beginning of the last school year, which was eighth grade for me and my friends.
Things were going smoothly. Shiny and I had all the same core classes, and the same lunch hour. At this point, I wasn’t so interested in making new friends. I had been best friends with Shiny since sixth grade and we had a close-knit circle of friends who we sat with at lunch every day.
I’d been picked on a bit, because everyone at the table except for me was male. It wasn’t like I cared, the perpetual sausagefest didn’t do anything besides make me sigh at the abundance of fart humor, and the first month of school went by like a breeze.
Then, Mech arrived. I liked anime and manga in an ironic kind of sense, as did most of my friends; regarding it as something interesting and fun to observe but not to obsess over. We always kind of laughed at the kids in the hallway wearing Naruto headbands and DBZ shirts. I’m not going to lie, we were a bunch of elitist bastards. All of us were in a special group of classes for three year accelerated students, and our egos were already paradoxically colossal for a group of thirteen year olds discussing Japanese cartoons over lunches packed my our mommies. The good thing was that none of us were weeby in the slightest. I participate in two sports, as well as a few clubs and have a solid social life, and other members of the clique will tell you similar stories.
Anyway, our little sausagefest was about to get grilled.

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They’re saying that word but I don’t think they quite get what it means.

They’re saying that word but I don’t think they quite get what it means.

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Bisexual Erasure at the Hands of a Weeb

So for this I’ll refer to myself as K, my best friend/crush as R, and the weeaboo in question as M.

R and I have been friends for years, and earlier this year I realized that I really like him. It was an interesting situation, because I had just gotten over my breakup with the first person I had ever dated, who was another girl (being with her helped me realize that I’m bi, but I digress). I’m pretty sure realizing that I liked R was what pulled me out of my misery. He’s an awesome friend, and we never fight, and not to mention my parents love him because he showed up to my house once in a suit (because he had just come from a family thing). Because we’re such good friends, I decided a while ago that I would keep my feelings to myself. I liked being friends with him better than risking it for a relationship that might ruin us, you know?

Our group is full of nerds of all shapes and sizes, but a lot of us are in on the anime club, and so I go whenever I can. M goes there, but I’m a junior, and she’s a freshman and has a shrill voice that is usually talking about whatever new girl-on-girl ship she’s into, so I didn’t really interact with her until the day I mentioned my ex-girlfriend (who I talk about nowadays the way you talk about a disappointing Christmas present from like four years ago that you “accidentally lost” and then suddenly found while cleaning your room) in a conversation with my friend. She comes up, asks if I’m a lesbian, and when I say that I’m bisexual, she goes “But you just mentioned a girlfriend!”

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Why Don’t Weebs Understand That Tackling HURTS?!

I am really close to considering not going to anime conventions anymore. I love Anime conventions, especially the [CONVENTION] in [CITY]. I see Crispin Freeman there all the time, and we always talk. It’s gotten to the point where he knows me by name and we will give each other bearhugs everytime we meet. I mean, this guy is an awesome person, really friendly, really open and honest, and always willing to talk. A man I’d like to have a beer with at some point.

I had a full convention pass, staying from Friday and Sunday. I had it all planned out: Friday, cosplay as Alucard, Saturday: Cosplay as Maes Hughes from FMA, and go to the after-dark rave as Maes, and Sunday: My final Cosplay will be Jet from Cowboy Bebop. I made the mistake of cosplaying as people with rampant, rabid fangirls; those being Alucard and Mayes Hughs. I had never cosplayed as Mayes before, but it was a -huge- mistake.

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neolynn Asked:
So glad your back

Sure does feel good to be back, also feels good to be at my desktop again, you guys should really see my new set up!

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The Full evolution of a weeb

This is a story about a weeb who I am going to refer to as S. 

I am a TA for one of my favourite teachers who happened to be teaching freshmen this year. It was really fun. As second semester rolled around though and we got a new class full of kids, things got very weird. S happened to be a student in the class. I hadn’t known her before, but she instantly latched onto me.

I just sort of brushed it off as normal freshman year behavior. That class in general was awful, and actually compared to some of the other students, she wasn’t that bad. I was a senior too and actually had attracted a fair amount of attention from groups of freshman girls. I wasn’t interested at all and was actually a bit creeped out by it though.

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Been a while since I did one of these

UPDATE! I read through submissions The last bit will be uploaded in time for the queue to catch up . So with that being said I am back.

For those interested in my personal life I can divulge upon request, but this update is about the blog. When I have the time I plan on finally changing over the tag to the newer ones I have been using. I plan on being a bit more involved and inviting of questions going forward and maybe promoting that chatroom I added and stopped using. Also the plug dj was fun we really should do it again sometime.

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