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Ask me anything Mon, Apr. 07, 2014 6 notes
ladyinverse Asked:
Not a story at all and I can't seem to find the answer, so where did you find that cute Sailor Moon picture that's in your background?

I cannot say as it has been around since before I Joined this blog and took over. I actually have been meaning to do a layout overhaul but that’s something to do when I got a bit more time (not busy with course work)

Ask me anything Mon, Apr. 07, 2014 6 notes
supernaturalyamazing Asked:
How do you get so many crazy experiences?

The blog runs on user submitted content, I got nothing. It’s all the submitters who make this blog go.

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theprophetchuck Asked:
If you submit a story and it is not chosen to be posted/rejected, do you send the person a message telling them what was wrong with their submission? (Ie; fatshaming language, racism, not weeb related, etc.)

Normally I do not out side of few exceptions. Most rejected stories tend to be poorly written (jump every where or lack a focal point), seem more like a personal attack than a recount of events, or are just really tough/boring to read through (He said, then he did, then she said, etc)

If there is ever a concern on a  story being rejected or slow to appear on the queue the ask box is always open, but please give details of specific stories. 

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broujo-deactivated20140407 Asked:
Why do all the submitters seem so ashamed of their (former) interests? "I USED TO BE a weeb but not anymore" etc. Being a silly little kid who got carried away about things was the best part of living and you ALL KNOW IT.

Given the stuff covered on this blog I can understand, but I agree that to be ashamed of stupid things done as a kid is silly.

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saltandpuff Asked:
Hi, love the blog! A while back, you guys posted a link to a doujin that featured a weeaboo-esque girl harassing an artist to draw her character. Do you remember what it was called?

I was unable to find it here, but this blog has tons of content to sift through, but I too remember the manga in question. Took a little searching but I believe you are talking about the side story (13.5) of the horror manga Ibitsu

Text Post Sun, Apr. 06, 2014 19 notes

Another Public Appearence Announcement

Mod D here

So on April 13 (a week from now) I will be hosting a booth at a small little event known as the Sun Devil Fan Fare ( which will be a FREE mini con located at the ASU Tempe Campus located in the Memorial Union (MU for those of you looking at maps of the campus).  As for parking, this should make things a tiny bit easier since the Fan Fare site isn’t the best at directing those things.

At the booth I hope to have some manner of gaming up and running (curtsy of me) and some crafts for sale (courtesy of my girlfriend)

You can find me at booth #21 as seen bellow:

If there are any further questions do feel free to ask and for those of you who plan to stop by I welcome you.

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inumaru12 Asked:
Just curious, how many stories do you have on your queue and when do you set them to post? Is it on a certain day or just random?

Currently a little busy so haven’t had the chance to fill the queue up (I might get stuff done tonight during the wraslin’ PPV). When it IS filled it’s set to up 3 stories a day in the morning as long as there are stories in the queue

After this ask I guess I should type up a sorta big announcement(this is a reminder to myself, you guys can play along).

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ladyphoenix7777 Asked:
The "Weeaboo House Guest" story has some fatshaming content and the mentioning of the term "hambeast". Just letting you know.

So I might not catch it all it should be fixed now (unless mobile is that shitty) thanks for letting me know

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Submit Anon: Weeaboo House Quest

So awhile ago I found out that there would be a fan expo some place close to where I live, which doesn’t happen often because I live in a part of Saskatchewan with a lot of small towns. Anyways when my online friend who is a weeb (we’ll call her A) found out that there was one I told her that she could come with me.

Now she isn’t exactly an online friend, I knew her when she used to be in my town. We both wen through our weeaboo phase together; bad cosplay in the street, learning japanese dances (I was actually okay at them , not to brag…but I memorized a lot while she didn’t bother to practice), pretending to be people from Soul Eater, and posting shitty anime videos on youtube. I got out of my weeaboo phase before her, then I helped cure her of her weebi-ness. Well, as soon as she moved she got back into her weeaboo phase.

Anyways. The fan expo hasn’t happened yet but she asked if she could bring a few friends along, I didn’t know any of them so we all met up at my house so I could get to know them.

Bad idea.

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Creepy Weeb from OKCupid can’t take no for an answer

So, this story starts on OKCupid, the breeding ground for inappropriate, creepy men, and how I met the creepiest, most inappropriate one of the bunch. Oh, and of course he is a weeaboo.

He messaged me with “Hi :)” and I checked out his profile. His pictures were of him in Assassin’s Creed and Ash Ketchum cosplay and he said some pretty weird ass shit on his page like “i will always be there for my friends no mather what, after all…i made a promise to her that i would…” and about he is the “nicest person you will ever meet”, how he is a Pokemon master, etc etc. I thought it was weird but whatever, I’d try to talk to him.

On my profile I have it set to “Looking for: Friendship, Short Term Dating, and Casual Sex”, but he only seemed to be interested in a friendship with me, thank God. We talked for a while about anime and cosplay and stuff and he was actually pretty pleasant and normal, so we added each other on Facebook. He was normal at first but then things got weird.

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