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Bus Ride From Hell

Me = Orange

Bestfriend = Melon

Weeb = Dweeb [I’d like to call her much more, but let’s keep it PG-13]


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I know this is a sensitive subject… but somebody on a naruto page on facebook posted this comment. This is a very serious subject and bringing politics into an anime discussion is bad enough… but asking a fictional anime character to protect a real country? (And some of the  other peoples comments are just.. wow. I’m looking at the one about “sausuki” in particular)

Mod D: this is beyond disrespectful

I know this is a sensitive subject… but somebody on a naruto page on facebook posted this comment. This is a very serious subject and bringing politics into an anime discussion is bad enough… but asking a fictional anime character to protect a real country? (And some of the  other peoples comments are just.. wow. I’m looking at the one about “sausuki” in particular)

Mod D: this is beyond disrespectful

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The Abusive Weeaboo - Part 2

So at the end of part one, Kaito the weeb had basically isolated me from all my friends.

TW: VERY STRONG emotional abuse, sexual coercion, cutting

Around this time, I watched the movie Sweeney Todd (you know, the one with Johnny Depp). Somehow I got it into my head that Kaito and I were just like Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett. He was brooding and tortured, hated by the world, and it was my job to be there for Kaito and support him because I was in love with him. The fact that he refused to have a real relationship with me was just because he was too distracted by the injustices brought upon him. If I waited long enough, he would allow me to heal him fully, open his eyes and realize I had been there all along and love me back. (That was where it was different from the movie, clearly). This thought pattern was the basis for me excusing a lot of his behavior.

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The Abusive Weeaboo - Part 1

This is long so I’ll do multiple parts. I shall call myself Sorana.  I am not submitting this anonymously, even though this is a very hard story for me to tell. However, I have read almost all the stories on here, and I need to share this so that hopefully nobody else has my experience.

TW : emotional abuse, mention of cutting and suicide. This can be VERY triggering to some.

Back in early high school, I was a part of the school’s Anime Club but I wasn’t a hardcore anime fan. I had a crush on one girl, Rima, who was in the club and desperately wanted to hang out with her and the other cool older kids in club. One of these kids, who was a friend of Rima, was a boy, Kaito.

For most of ninth grade, I had dated my first boyfriend every but had broken up with him early into tenth grade because he preferred watching My Little Pony to hanging out with me (totally serious). I started getting a bit of a crush on Kaito. Kaito claimed to have multiple personality disorder and schizophrenia, but as far as I knew he acted pretty okay at school and I didn’t know much about how those disorders manifest themselves, so if anything I just felt bad for him.

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Anon: ETSU Weeb

Scene: Fall 2011, ETSU Campus

There are quite a few weebs on the ETSU campus that I’ve run across during my enrollment on the ETSU campus. But one in particular I had firsthand experience with.

J was 20, into anime and Japanese, but wouldn’t be very vocal about it, either showing in actions or an annoying “Nyaa~” now and then. She was always wearing a hoodie that either had cat ears sewn on the hood or with a knitted hat that had cat ears/eyes.

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7th Grade: A Stalker Weeb Story

(Names have been changed)

Seventh grade is a dark time for everyone.

My friend Katie and I were pretty big weebs back then, constantly seeking other people who had a deep love for anime. Little did we know, out there, in our school, there was someone who could out-weeb us.

It first began in math class, when our teacher announced that a student that had been sick for a while was going to be returning to school. This student, was Daniel, as I will call him. Katie and I had known him only through the rumors of others. Apparently, he had some sort of immune disorder, causing him to be hospitalized frequently and miss quite a bit of school. People often described him as “quirky”, “different”, and “nice, but weird.” As weebs ourselves, we knew these terms well. These were terms other people would refer to us by. We named him as sort of a “contender” for possibly liking anime, and decided to invite him to our group when he returned.

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My Weeaboos From Hell

I don’t care if this is anonymous or not, I’ve always been a very outspoken person and these people already know the issues I have with them.

They’re long!

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Ah, Matsuricon

So, I have a nice little bundle of “oh, welp” for you.

Now, Matsuricon has always been a good con for me! I always make friends and have a good time and get to see people I know and love. This year was no different, I was accompanying a friend at her first out-of-state con, I got to see my brother, I got to see a few of my con babies and chat with old friends. I also got to deal with who I’ll call N for now.

To start off, please know N is a 26 year old woman, and should definitely be more mature at this point.

At the very beginning, I was kind of, “okay, whatever,” about her, because we (we being myself, M, N, and two other) were crammed into a small two-door car with all our things for the 4-hour drive. Yet, she insisted on bringing her ‘husband’ a large Ed body pillow, and taking up more room than necessary. Okay, sure, go ahead, it’s rude but it didn’t bother me.

We got the the hotel around 4 am Friday (GOD KNOWS WHY) and a very nice hotel manager let us check into our room early after M and I took a few lovely selfies of me laying on a couch and flipping off most of reality. N was mostly asleep and being very, very rude about a few things, including defending Vic, who I personally think is a major creep. Whatever, she’s tired, right?

We slept, myself on the floor and everyone else on a bed, and the next morning we all got up, got ready, and trouped to the elevator. Nothing major happened, I got paranoid over my body paint, and all was pretty good. Later I found out our room hosts asked us all for the money and, while myself and M paid ours, N did not, and said she would later.

Okay, I have this thing about people touching me without warning. It’s been known to give me panic attacks and once make me jump and bang my head against a doorway to the point of a “let’s make sure there’s no concussion bro” trip to con ops. My own brother touching my head from behind me makes me jump. N the entire weekend would come up behind me and put a hand on my shoulder or touch my back, saying boo or hi or whatever, and it constantly startled me. She did the same to my friend, and he’s been taking fighting classes since he was little, so I was more afraid for her than him. The same friend, however, and to me and a few others, she kept saying things like “you’re all mine~” or claiming us as her “waifus” which is especially rude to my friend and I, as I’m agender and dislike femme nicknames and such, and he’s ftm. She was overly clingy to my friend, to the point he came to me about it, visibly upset, and I had to comfort him, and ttold him I would try to talk to her and let staff know. I did the latter, telling my brother, thankfully a staff member, but didn’t get a chance to do the former.

After all this, i thought we were done, but it turns out, i was told later, that after this entire con of asking, she never paid her hotel fee. She never showed any inclination of it, despite buying merch and commissions of herself and food the whole weekend. There was also a very childish incident in the room Saturday night I was told about, where she took up the entire bed she and M were sharing, complained about the quiet tv noise (one of our hosts has problems sleeping, and needs the sound to prevent night terrors,) and hid the remote the following morning. I wasn’t there for it, as I slept with my brother and friends that night, but she was reportedly very rude, misgendered me and a few others, made a lot of weeb “waifu” comments about people, and hit on our host, who was happily with his girlfriend, even though she herself has a fiance.

tl;dr weebs 100% do not make good convention roommates, ever. They will send you into panic attacks and need to be reported to staff. Funtimes.

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New Avatar Design

with absolutely no disrespect meant at all to the original artist, if WS ever wants/needs a new/updated/whatever icon, I’d be more than happy to draw one up. (the question regarding what the icon was sort of prompted me to bother asking) Again, no disrespect meant!
(if you’re interested, I’ll log in and message. I’m somewhat shy in that if a ‘no’ is given, I’d feel embarrassed having my name on that ask)

Mod D:

We would gladly accept submissions for a new icon. And don’t worry about trying to make it like the one we have now. Feel free to be creative. This goes for anyone else who would like to try their hand at making a new icon. Just create something you feel would be perfect for this blog and submit it to us. Thank you!

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