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also fabulous reminder that a big part of being a weaboo is fetishizing japanese stuff and being inappropriate towards modern japanese culture, not just "acting weird" or "liking anime too much"

Addition to the recent asks

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Weeaboos are bad, of course, but I believe that you don't need to completely hide your hobbies to avoid being branded a weeaboo. I mean, honestly if all you think and talk about about is anime and weeaboo stuff then it's okay to be concerned about being branded a weeaboo, but it kinda makes me sad that some people have to go to such extents that they refuse to associate with japan or anime at all. Everything in moderation, kids.

That’s the point here: moderation. Like something as much as you want but once you begin to cross the boundaries into someone else’s personal space/safety the line must be drawn

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I'm part of several fandoms like Homestuck, MLP, Madoka Magica, APH, Creepypasta, Gregory Horror Show, and Pokemon. Keep in mind; I love these fandoms, but I'm not a psycho fan like a lot of people. I am absolutely disgusted that by liking this stuff, I'm automatically associated with the bad apples in the tree and I'm ashamed for liking any of this stuff. Is it okay if anyone can tell me something to cheer me up? I'm sorry to take up your time.

Here are some for you: Like whatever the fuck you want.

Let’s  face it the bad apple beyond ruin the face of a fandom but keep liking what you like and keep doing what you like to do eventually you will find others like you and you wont feel so alone.

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the-helium-princess Asked:
Not a weeaboo story, but as someone who lives in Germany, I dislike Hetalia fans becuase they a) spread the idea that WWII-era Germany was silly or kawaii or whatever, and b) spread the idea that modern-day Germany is exactly like the anime character (as in super serious militaristic and angry), when actually Germany is a really laid-back, friendly country.

The sad, unfortunate, and potentially damaging side of stereotypes. Especially by those created by Hetalia

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I absolutely love these stories. They are terrifyingly awesome. My favorite has got to be Nope-chan. That was probably the worst thing I've ever read and actually made my friend vomit. Which of the stories you've posted do think is the worst?

Anything that ends in a hospital trip or just gross displays of physical and/or sexual assualt

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Roleplaying Gone Too Far

To keep everything anonymous, I will be referring to said weeb as C and the boyfriend as K.

When I was younger, I had made friends with a guy I met at a concert. We exchanged numbers and talked for a bit, before he asked if I wanted to go out. I agreed, but we only stayed together for about a week before I decided I didn’t want to date him.

Soon after the ‘break up’, I met one girl at some sort of dodge ball tournament my church was holding, and we hit it off fairly well since I found out she liked anime, and she was virtually the only person (that I knew) that like it, so I was not going to deny her when she asked for my number.

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Trans-racial Weeb

When I was ending my horrible scene kid phase, I started to embrace my culture (I am African American and Japanese). I then had made a fellow Asian online pen pal and added him on Facebook. 

Within moments, this poorly photoshopped weeaboo sends me hateful messages in broken Japanese and typical weeb lingo. She wanted to know why my ‘ugly baka ass’ was messaging her ‘kawaii sempai-kun’. Confused, I went to her page and explored it’s contents.

From her tagged photos, she was a lovely brown shade like me but in her profile pictures, she was powder white. She edited her eyes to make them more Asian and had badly bleached hair. Of course, kanji was written in the caption. 

Her page was mostly centered around Asians and Asian people. She loved J-pop and J-rock. She attended the Asian club at her school while taking Chinese. 

I ignore her and ask my Penpal who the girl was and he explains it’s his ex. He then apologizes for her rude behavior. I then ask if she is Asian and he explains that she really isn’t but she’s ‘trans-racial’ meaning she’s transitioning from full African American to full Asian. 

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A Rant from an ex-weeaboo

Well hello! This isn’t exactly a dreadful horror story about meeting weeaboos, but it’s more of a note/message from an ex-weeaboo. I’m not sure if this will fit the theme of the submission fort his blog, but I guess I’ll give it a shot. And sorry for the length and grammar mistakes, English isn’t my first  language!

-A little background story- I am an ex-weeaboo, but I guess I’m not exactly THAT bad. I live in Southeast Asia, so anime is a bit well-known I guess. I was about 11-12 years old when I started to get into anime/manga. I’m a bit overweight, I have acne on my face and  I have a rather red-brown frizzy hair). I like to spend my time watching/reading anime/manga as well as drawing characters from the series that I like (I’ve always been that ‘art kid’ in class tbh). I like j-pop and sometimes I tell my friends about it. At that time I was actually proud that I like these things - sigh-. Well from the description that I just gave you I guess I am considered as a weeaboo from people’s eyes. Right now I’m a high school freshman and is no longer a weeaboo, thank god. I lose some weight over the holidays and I took a better care of myself, hence I don’t think I look like a weeaboo anymore.

Well this is the thing that bothers me the most. From my experience of being labeled as ‘weeaboo’ and ‘anime nerd’ from my classmates I became somewhat introverted and I dislike people from knowing my personal interests. I do have a group of friends that like anime/manga just like me but I never really tell/fangirl wtv series to them. I’m scared that someone might heard our conversations. But I do go to Japanese culture/anime con occasionally with them at the least. In art class I also try to avoid drawing anime-ish style even though I really enjoy drawing in that style the most because I dislike it when people think I like anime. In history class, we got to chose any country for research, but I strictly avoid Japan. I’m just really scared that people will label me as ‘weeaboo’ and ‘anime nerd’ again. People should really know that the things the say really affect other people. And for the self-proclaimed otakus and weeaboos (if any saw this post) please please please try to behave yourself. This is really becoming an issue for me and maybe others too that we can’t even express ourselves anymore. It’s like if you like anime/manga and you’re considered a weeb. I know some of my ‘popular’ classmates that like anime, but they really kept it a secret between their group of friends that secretly likes it too. I’m not saying to keep your hobbies as a secret but just try to act normally and take care of yourself better. I’m really being judged by a lot of people right now (I know that people always judge others, but really being judge as a weirdo and nerd just feels horrible). 

TL;DR: for weeaboos out there, you’re giving other people who like the Japanese culture troubles, so please try to behave yourselves.

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Submit Anon: Megami Tensi What?

This is the story about a girl I met in my early days of becoming a fan of anime and such. I had recently discovered anime entertainment. She didn’t quite act like a weeaboo, but her obsession with video games and anime is a tale to tell, hopefully nobody isn’t this bad. I begin.

Setting Start: = Summer, 2008

About a year after that I learned about cosplay. I became an enthusiast and no more, loving the art of making costumes and seeing people dress up in awesome getups such as Princess Zelda and the like. Although when I started to get into cosplaying, I had this extra drive to make my costume detailed as possible. In example Link’s tunic. So I may not have had $200 to buy chainmail, but I found a way to do it, and not just trim the edge of the sleeve or the bottom. Things like that.

In six months I learned how to do craft with a sander, jigsaw, Dremel tools; even picked up techniques on how to paint and even lay resin. I was in no means a perfect craftsman, but after seeing “bad” cosplay on the internet, I had it deadset in my mind to not become one of those. By the time I was done, I was a good peg above most of the “weeaboo” cosplays that were badly sewn together with satin because “it was the only fabric I could afford”.

I went to my first con in 2008, I was 21. My “teenage” years were isolated at home doing homeschool, so I was giddy excited about going to a place and meeting people that had similar interests that I did. I was in college, but the rural backwoods of a Southern state where you weren’t white nor black, nobody quite took the interests in anything “foreign” that wasn’t mudding, clubbing or church activities.

Enough about background, but it needed to be done to set the stage. There wasn’t even a nearby con. This one was the closest, a whopping 250 miles. (Animazement to be exact). I was leaping out of one place into another blindly, doing by best to look accomplished and catch up on the anime/internet culture upon arrival.

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Better Update Post (previous post removed)

You now have updates, I got a clean inbox, but that’s only going to get you 2 days of updates. That’s all there is to say about the blog 

As for me (as seen in the previous post): This weekend I will be attending Phoenix Comicon (as I do every year) as the nicely dressed TV head I paraded around as last year you are welcomed to come up and greet me.  Also to those who I will not see that are attending, please be safe!

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