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Savage Wolfaboo

(Forgive me if I’ve made any errors submitting. I’m somewhat new to Tumblr, but I felt the need to share this story, as it’s relevant to your blog. If anything needs to be added, please inform me, I’ll do my best to provide.)

I recently took part in a local fur convention (it was a fairly decent con, attendance of 2500 or so. Alright for something local.) I purchased a one day booth at their artist’s alley, selling a few prints of some of my particularly better works. Day was going normal, and my friend (I’ll refer to her as X) swapped out booth management for me so I could walk around in-suit for a while and try to draw some attention to my stand. Everything was going normally, and I got a decent few buyers, and a couple commissions from some congoers.

Then, out of the blue, I hear this dreadful squealing coming from the direction of my booth. I see this rather rotund girl, maybe around 18/19 years, handling one of my canvas prints. She was in some sort of, what I am assuming was meant to be Okami, cosplay. (Not a fursuit. A kemonomimi type thing, complete with badly put together hand-sewn wolf tail and ears, and a much too revealing dress/corset getup. It’s not something, in my experience, I’ve typically seen at furcons; I’ve only seen such getups at animecons, really.)

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Naruto Headband ‘Photographer’

I was at a massive con, it was the second day I was there. Now, I didn’t have the money for a full costume this time so I put together some things and bought some jewelry and made a pretty lovely woodsprite-y outfit.
So I’m walking around, and as I’m asking about the prices of some earrings I get tapped on the shoulder. It’s a massive, 20-something year old neckbeard who probably hasn’t washed a day in his life. He’s got a camera on him and is sporting a scratched-up naruto headband. He says he’s a hobby photographer and he wants to go outside and take some pics of me in a tree or something.
I look over at the people behind the stall counter and give them a “what do i do?” look. They gave me sympathetic looks back, so I turn to this guy and politely decline his request.
He grabs my shoulder and starts pleading with me saying “But you have such a pretty costume, I feel lonely, I just want to be taking beautiful photos” etc etc.
So I back away from the stall a little (thinking I can get swept up in the crowd and use that as an excuse to leave) and smile at him, and say no again. This time he comes right up to me and says he’ll “rape me in the bathrooms if i don’t go outside with him.”
I’m scared shitless at this point, but I’m 6ft tall and he was probably 5”7, so I thought that if worse comes to worse, I could fight him off. So I nod, smile, and tell him to follow me.
I walk straight up to the outside door, because that’s where I know the con security is. Now, Mr. Creepy Photographer thinks I’m leading him outside.
I very quietly tell the security that the man had threatened me, and they called the police on him straight away. The people at the stall had heard it all so they vouched for me, and Mr. Creepy Photographer was brought back to the police station, while another officer stayed behind to talk to me. The officer made sure I felt calm, and he made me a coffee and asked me a few more questions about Mr. Creepy Photographer.
A few days later I got a call from the same officer - It turned out that the guy had raped a girl behind a stadium at another con, and left before she could report it. Her family was notified, and he’s now serving 8 years of prison.
I have never been so freaked out in my life, so I don’t go to cons anymore and stay well away from any weird men in naruto headbands.

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Help! My ex is a weeaboo!

First things first, in this tale, I am S, my close friend is M, and the weeaboo in question is A.

I was a freshman, and a rather shy one at that. Most of my friends weren’t in my classes, so I usually sat near the front and remained quiet all day. I enjoyed anime and Japanese culture, but I was no weeaboo. This was due to M, who had gone through a weeaboo phase and been sort of a mentor to me when I got into the culture, keeping me from going overboard. Plus, I was way too nervous to spout interest in anything unless someone else did first.

Anyway, I was one of the better violin players in my orchestra. For our concert, my stand partner was A. One day, I was trying to play the violin riff from “Fairytale” by Alexander Rybak, and having a bit of trouble. A came over and sat by me. “Hey S, what song are you playing?” he asked. “I haven’t heard it before.”

"Oh, it’s a song I like called Fairytale." I responded, trying to be nice. He was going to share a stand with me anyway, so why not?

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Animal Crossing Creeper Or, I’ll Give You 20 000 Bells to Leave Me The Fuck Alone

Well, this was a somewhat short (but still very creepy) weeb encounter that I recently had while playing Animal Crossing New Leaf, and it sadly proves that despite the progress made in making gaming safer for women, women still can’t enter metagames without being at the mercy of creepy potential stalkers.

Anyways, a bit about me. I’ve played Animal Crossing since Wild World in 2006, so very nearly 8 years now. In recent years though, I’ve played more on and off, due to more hectic and demanding work schedules. Naturally, with school over, summer tends to be an “on” time for me, and I start focus heavily on remodelling my home, expanding my home and upgrading my town in New Leaf. This year, I decided I wanted to complete the Polka-Dot Set, since I saw how nice it looked modded with the fiendish shirt and the Pop-Black exterior by Cyrus.  However, no matter how much time travelling I did, I could never get a Polka-Dot furniture item to appear in my shop. So, I turned to the next thing; I checked the HRA showcase. Nothing I didn’t already have. I even checked my sister’s catalogue, shop and HRA showcase; still nada.  Then, I decided to try asking friends. I saw one of my friends had a few items, but sadly, she got occupied because her phone broke down, and I had to go somewhere so she couldn’t give them to me. When that failed, I tried asking my sister’s friend. My sister’s friend had the whole Polka-Dot set, unfortunately, her parents make North Korea look like a free country and they had taken away her 3DS for her “using it too much” and still hadn’t given it back. Completely out of options, I turned to the place where most people hunting for furniture nowadays go: the Internet.

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The power of boxers,baby

Excuse me for any errors in this story I’m literally fucking exhausted right now.



Friend’s little sister- Melon

The creep- idiot

This actually happened not too long ago

I was very excited, this was my very first con away from home (it was actually a couple of towns away from here) and I wasn’t going with my mom.Instead, I was going with one of my very good friends (Chili).She had invited me to tag along and room in with them a couple of months earlier, telling me that it just being her and Melon would be boring.I gladly accepted.

It took a LOT of work and saving up, but I finally had enough to pitch in for gas,help pay for the hotel room a bit,buy my badge (surprisingly there weren’t any long lines this year at the registration booth.), and all that biz. 

After we all had our badges and stuff, we went around the con buying merchandise at the Artist Alley/Dealer Hall,talking to some pretty decent congoers and so the first day was pretty tamed and peaceful.

The second day though was…eventful.

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Hometown Weeb

Alright I’ve been contemplating writing this but here it goes~

So a lot of these stories I’ve seen written on here have spanned over the timespan of maybe a year or so.
This one spans over 9 years, so it may be a little long but I’ll try to keep it as short as possible.
See there’s a couple people I used to hang out with back in high school I could focus on for this story, but I’ve chosen this person, A, since I’ve had the most recent encounter with them and their story is the easiest to sum up.

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Weeb needs to look at the ENTIRE continent.

So, the other day, before our movie started, me and my friend were just kind of hanging around outside the cinema in this shopping center, which was next to a bookstore that had a rather large collection of manga (which I guess attracted the weeb). Now let me give you a little bit of background information. I am half-Asian half-English, my mum refers to herself as Asian. She was part of this Asian Women’s Writer’s Collective and all that jazz. I don’t have any contact with my English side SO I’ve been brought up around lots of Asian people and cool culture and so on and so forth. Both me and my friend are of different ethnic backgrounds. Anyway, it so happened that me and my friend were talking about my ‘asian-ness’. We were having fun, and she was joking about how I eat too much curry and I secretly wear a hijab and listen to Asian Network too much and generally the conversation for some reason was basically just saying I am Asian (ps I don’t mind my friend making stereotypes about me because I know she is joking and if I ever get offended she will stop and apologize). 

Then comes the weeaboo.

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purugly-iest Asked:
Using that ask about Etiquette Hell as a springboard, do you know of any other Tumblr blogs that take in submissions about bad behavior.

I personally do not but I am sure the readers are better acquainted with such things so just keep an eye on the re blogs and maybe someone else has an answer for you.

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obsydian Asked:
I wanted to ask nicely if it would be possible for people to write people's names, not as letters, but as made up names? It makes it so much easier to read for me and others I'm sure. Thank you!

It’s always been possible for this to be done, submissions have just fallen into that norm of using letters but substituting names in has been allowed all this time. The rules only call for names that wont reveal the true identities in any of the people mentioned in the stories. 

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