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Call me M. I had just moved from a big city to a very small town. Like tractor-riding-middle-of-nowhere-moonshining-Republican-football-town. The first week of school, I learned there was an active anime club on campus. Being an annoying little weeb myself, I flocked to the library for the first meeting. The president, E, started by introducing herself. I remember her EXACT words:

“Konnichiwa, minasan! Watashi was E de-su! Anime, horses, and Naruto ga su-kee de-su! Also, watashi wa lesbian de-su!”

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Submit Anon: We Shall Never Return


I think I have a story I could share. It’s certainly not the worst on here, but it’s not pleasant either.

Scene: ‘Hyper-Japan’ Anime Convention, London. Me + 2 of my friends. We’re all 16, and it’s our first Con.

TW: Sexual Harassment, General Creepiness

Okay, let’s begin. My 2 friends names are A and B. We brought A’s little sister too; she’s 13, and we’ll call her C.

I’ve known A and B for years, and we’re best friends. They got into anime when they were around 14, but have kept it under control due to both of them being pretty shy. I got into games and pets instead, but I have no problem with anime.

They asked me to come with them to the Con, and I happily agreed, looking forward to getting to see something they were so excited about. A’s little sister wanted to come too, since she got into anime pretty quick because of her older sis watching it. We all piled into the car of B’s dad, and got there early. 

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Submit Anon: Pretentious

This is a short but hilarious story. (Warning: If you take your favorite anime seriously then don’t read this post.)

So I was at a con last year and I was sitting in on a panel where a guy complained about anime he didn’t like and thought were bad and pretentious and whatnot. At some point, he asked the audience what anime we thought were pretentious. 

When he asked this of the audience I couldn’t help but want to ruffle some feathers because damn this guy was taking his anime so seriously and so was his audience of fanboys. So, I raised my hand and with a big grin on my face said “Elfen Lied”.

The room went silent and a couple of people coughed, and one girl like several rows in front of me turned FULL AROUND IN HER SEAT just to GLARE at me. It was this really hideous, puggy, silly glare that really was quite comical. (This is not to say she was ugly in any way- She was simply making that kind of face). She very much wanted me to know that she was angry and that she was staring at me. The panel continued and the guy running it said he never saw Elfen Lied and asked if it was pretentious, but the rest of the audience said NOTHING. Three minutes or more later, the girl is STILL giving me this hilariously angry and quite comical glare and boy did she want me to notice. I just smiled brightly back at her and she scrunched up her face even more, so finally I said in my cheeriest voice “Personal opinion”. So then she scoffed a bit and shrugged before finally turning back to face the panel, and I was still grinning from ear to ear and quite proud of myself. 

The panel then continued on with the guy going on about what a great series Sword Art Online was and how much better it was than .hack and I had to restrain myself from all the laughter threatening to spill from my lungs.

All in all, a hilarious panel experience. 

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Getting manhandled by cosplayer’s weebish friends

So, I’ve been following the blog for quite a long time now, and I’ve got a tale to tell. Sorry this one will be short and not too exciting, but it’s probably the closest thing I got to a “weeb encounter”.

It happened, maybe 2-3 years ago? At a con in the city near me. It was a fairly new con, but is growing quickly. (This year will be it’s 5th year I believe?) Anyway, due to being broke, the only cons I could attend where one within the metropolitan area, and this con was one of them. At the time Black Butler was in it’s 2nd season and had regained some popularity. I had gone with 2 of my friends. I had just received my Claude cosplay and wanted to break it in. There were other Claude cosplayers there but apparently I was the best one, despite not having a wig at the time. So we arrived there early, got our badges, and were hanging outside since panels and such didn’t start till a little later. I was sitting by my friends when 3 girls came up to me. They will simply be know as A, B, and C.

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Submit Anon: Some weebs I have known

A small disclaimer/trigger warning: A little racist weeb, and one who doesn’t respect gender, or know that you shouldn’t joke about rape.

Hi! Here’s some encounters I’ve had with weebs in the past.

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Submit Anon: “You Are What You Hate”

I met Red at school, during lunch. I was new to the school, so I stuck around the people who liked the same stuff as me. A few of the people in the “anime kids” group are actually okay; so I didn’t mind sitting with them. Anyway, I didn’t think anything of Red at first. She is quite loud, obnoxious, and weird, but I didn’t think anything of it. I barely talk to her, but when I do, it’s really embarrassing.

Her tendencies usually consisted of adding “-chan”, “-san”, “-kun”, etc. I never really noticed any other broken Japanese, but she would ALWAYS add “-chan” at the end of my name. 
Reading manga in public doesn’t bother me, but I’m starting to think that is all she reads. Sometimes she puts all her manga on a table to show them off. She doesn’t even read them, Red only puts them on the table and takes up space.
Another thing she does is wear a crap ton of anime merch, and never…washes. It’s kind of weird to run into a girl with Naruto cosplay and clothes that are ill fitting, full of holes and the print’s coming off.

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Why We Should Watch Hetalia in Social Studies

A small essay on why Hetalia should meet the class room (for “educational purposes” only no need to spread hate)

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Naruto-obsessed guy with a sword

So. I think I already submitted this story to the old version of the blog, but it’s just too creepy to let it disappear into the abbyss. So I’m gonna write it up again. It’s gonna get a bit long.

Also, putting a warning for stalking, mentions of self-harm, and rape threats.

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A gem from my past. I thought that this was a good idea because “OMAIGAHD FANIME IS SUGOI DESU!!1one”. My sister tried to give me advice, but my weeaboo-self was too stupid to listen.  Thankfully, I act nothing like this anymore.

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