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Creepy Weeb from OKCupid can’t take no for an answer

So, this story starts on OKCupid, the breeding ground for inappropriate, creepy men, and how I met the creepiest, most inappropriate one of the bunch. Oh, and of course he is a weeaboo.

He messaged me with “Hi :)” and I checked out his profile. His pictures were of him in Assassin’s Creed and Ash Ketchum cosplay and he said some pretty weird ass shit on his page like “i will always be there for my friends no mather what, after all…i made a promise to her that i would…” and about he is the “nicest person you will ever meet”, how he is a Pokemon master, etc etc. I thought it was weird but whatever, I’d try to talk to him.

On my profile I have it set to “Looking for: Friendship, Short Term Dating, and Casual Sex”, but he only seemed to be interested in a friendship with me, thank God. We talked for a while about anime and cosplay and stuff and he was actually pretty pleasant and normal, so we added each other on Facebook. He was normal at first but then things got weird.

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Oh Saki

I’ll call the weeb in this story Saki, since that’s what she eventually insisted we call her. This is long, and kinda weird so…

This happened several years ago, when my friends and I were in 9th grade. My group of 6 friends and I had all gone through our weeb phase together a few years before, and now were pretty tame. Still in to anime and manga, but we knew where to draw the line. 

So in my first day of 9th grade, I noticed there was a new girl in class. My school was really ‘cliquey’ and none of my other friends were in that class, so I befriended her hoping she was nice. She noticed that my binder had a few cut outs from sailor moon and card captor sakura and the like, (I really like magical girl series, ok?) along with a few of my own drawings. She told me how much she liked both those series, and named a couple others, some I hadn’t heard of. And at first I thought she was really cool, she seemed really mature and so I invited her to sit with my friends and I at lunch at our usual spot. 

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Apparently constructive criticism of Japanese cartoons warrants such responses. 

Apparently constructive criticism of Japanese cartoons warrants such responses. 

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Submit Anon: NekoCanadaChan, nya~!

This is the story of me, who I will call “Oogie”, my friend, who I will call “S”, and a horrible weeb,  who I wil call “NekoCanadaChan.”

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Submit Anon: Weeaboos are like Vampires; they never age.

I will start this by saying, yes I was a weeaboo between the ages of 11 and 14. I discovered anime from a friend (also grown out of the weeaboo stage) and when an American girl transferred to our school, we became fast friends due to her weeaboo-ness and introduced it to all of my other friends. We assigned ‘spirit animals’ to each other and I was naturally the Fox. (To be fair, I still love foxes now, but because I can see them in my garden and find them cute, not because they are ‘Japanese and kawaii desu’. I was the whole deal; greasy hair, acne, over weight etc. 

We had a ‘Bleach society’ where we would pretend to be soul reapers and fight hallows in the woods outside my house. I was the leader. Oh god I am cringing so much right now. So much. We’d make swords out of sticks and wear bad, bad cosplay, yelling in broken Japanese. 

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Submit Anon: Face to Face with Deviantart Weeb

This is the story of H, and me, the writer, who sucks at summaries.

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Submit Anon; A Weeboo Accused Me of Being a Homewrecker and Tried to Ruin My Life

Okay so I happened across this site and I loved it so much I couldn’t resist submitting my own story. This story involves heartbreak, sabotage, and fortunately sane people who know better.

So I was a weeboo when I was younger. I watched a lot of anime and wore anime t shirts, read fanfiction and drew anime, but I was mostly a closet fan, and only talked about it with my friends who also enjoyed fanime. I kept my yaoi interest to myself, as there are some things you do NOT talk about with your friends.  I still cosplay but I’m much more interested in American TV shows and video games. Moving on.  Because of my interest in anime I had a friend who we’ll call Bella, because she had a strange interest in vampires and often insisted that she was actually a vampire. When I first met her, she was rather normal though, she was a bit goth but very sweet and nice.  This all changed when I introduced her to one of my friends, a guy I was seriously crushing on.  However, it seems that she deemed that I was not worthy of his affections and decided to try and ‘take him’ out from under me, even though we weren’t dating and I had no urge to ask him out or do anything about it.  After a year, he finally asked me out and I said yes, and we dated for a week before he cheated on me, of course I was heartbroken but after about a month I got over it and I thought that it was over. I was so wrong.  

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