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Submit: Anon

Alright, so this happened my best friend and I our freshman year of high school. It’s not so much of a weeb story as it is a convention horror story, but I think it’s still relevant.

My friend and I had previously attended this local convention before, and to be honest, there was never really a big problem with other congoers, at least, that I experienced. If anything, it was the staff that was a bit annoying. I know in most cases people defend the staff as “they’re only trying to do their jobs” but the convention we attended was usually short handed, and they would take on a lot of volunteers who were only 15-16 years old and didn’t have a clue what they were doing as a result. A lot of them were weebs who only were in it to have power over other congoers or just to get in for free, not there to actually work or help out. I can recall times before where some of them would blatantly be disregarding the con’s safety rules or would be showing off that they were staff members. However, none of them ever did anything to me personally until that day.

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This certain person I know isn’t as bad as some other people in stories on here, but…she still needs to be known.

I’ll call this person R. I’ve known her for a long time. Now, R is the type of person who desperately tries to be “cool”. She was sort of always this way. She’d copy everyone else, and she’d pretend to like things that were popular at the time, etc.

In Elementary school, people used to like me because I could sort of draw. I was considered the school’s “artist”, even though when I look back, I was an awful artist.

I met R in 3rd grade, I think. R was very interested in the fact that I could “draw”, and she’d always follow me and talk to me. I never really minded this. She seemed like a nice person, and she liked my “art” a lot.

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Anonymous Submission

   This really needs to be submitted anon because there are people I know who don’t know about this and I’d rather they continued not to, but still I want to tell my little story to serve as a cautionary tale. It’s quite long so please bear with me.

    I was twelve years old and I had been out of touch for a year with someone who had been my friend all through elementary school. No one else I knew liked anime, manga, games, etc.

   Because I was shy and quite frankly when I opened up I quickly became extremely annoying and weebish, it was hard to make friends, so I’m pretty sure some people did share my interests but didn’t want to risk clicking the weeb button of my personality.

    I cannot stress enough that I was twelve years old and full of ‘them against me’ and ‘everyone hates me’ and ‘I’m just a special unique delicate little flower’ attitude and so to an extent, I may have deserved some of what happened, but no one deserves where this ended up going.

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Anon: Meet Emily

Hello. I’ll be referring to myself as “Christina” throughout this story.

When I was in sixth grade, I began to enter my weeaboo phase. I was pretty, how do I put this, “in the closet about it” and never used “Baka” or anything along those lines, but I had dreams of going to Japan and becoming a Manga-ka. Flashback a year.

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Anon: Super LONG Story

I’ve been wanting to share some of the weeaboo shenanigans I experienced. There’s nothing extreme in here, no getting maimed/mauled at conventions or anything, just some good weeaboo fun. (This might get a bit long.)

In my last year of high school, I was heavily involved in our school’s art club. We weren’t a very well-organized bunch, ‘cause I wasn’t a very good club-organizer, but I digress. There was some overlap with kids coming from the anime club, which was to be expected I guess, but they were all very nice and respectful and I liked having them around.

We didn’t know it at the time, but we were in the presence of a major weaboo.

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This is a story about a girl I am still trying to avoid to this day. For the sake of this story, we will call her F.

Now, F and I had been friends for a long time, which meant since we talked a lot and shared interests that we both began to like anime at the same time. We had a decent-sized group of friends through high school who also liked anime, and we would all sit together at lunch breaks and discuss what we were reading and generally be the happy outcasts from school society.

Somewhere along this line, F discovered Death Note. And that’s where it began.

As a fun way to pass the time our group had chosen to privately name each other after characters from the animes we liked. F decided very quickly that she was L. 

No, not that she would be nicknamed L. That she was L.

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Anon: How to Speak Japanese, desu

Found this on a daily internet routine:


Yes, you are all welcome here.
As you can read in my signature, I want to learn Japanese, and I’m not goofing off. I use mango languages, but I don’t like that way. I want to learn Japanese as if it were a first language, and think of the image, not the word, when I hear something in Japanese. So here are some tips to learn Japanese:
1). Emerge yourself in the language. Try to speak more Japanese and less Englishwhich is nearly impossible with school, but when possible
2). Listen to many YouTube videos at a time singing/speaking in Japanese, watch a lot of subbed animes. NOT DUBBED. It really helps. In fact, I learned most of Japanese from that, such as “Kero,”  ’Baka,” “Doshde?” “Dos-ka?” and a lot more. 
3). Emerge yourself in images and the words. Not just a simple translator. 

So here is my idea for Japanese learners: post a word or sentence, then post pictures to go along with it, and others will know what the sentence means. Please make sure the pictures are in order with the words. This helps with sentence syntax (if you don’t know what that means I’m not telling you, that’s what Google is for) and associating the word with the PICTURE. Don’t take classes that spend up your electives and force you to take tedious classes. You learned your first language by just looking at images and speaking with others. 

Often, I am extremely jealous of Japanese-speaking people, so this is my chance to prove I don’t have to sit in the corner wishing I was born in Japan, and if you’re still reading this I bet you are, too! Also, you can introduce (appropriate, mind you) subbed anime for us all to watch. 

After everyone is pretty good with speaking, I’ll make another post for writing Japanese ^^. 

Thanks for reading, I should let you go do stuff now! 

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Anon: Cat Maid Day

This is from my anime club’s facebook page…

Needless to say… it didn’t fly with the girls of the club (and some guys as well… thankfully this club does not consist of many weeaboos). I just sat silently while people duked out the stupidity of this guys post. How exactly is making girls dress up like maids and cat girls saying the most weeb-y crap like "Nyaa~" and referring to a bunch of male anime geeks "Onii-chan", moe appreciation? He claimed he was joking… but that is only after a fellow girl in the club chewed him out over how hypocritical and sexist his request was.

I’d gag if I was encouraged to take part in such a thing, especially for a guy like that. No need to beat around the bush and make it sound like its for the girls. Just say you haven’t gotten laid… ever or in awhile, and you just want some chicks to act like they jumped out of the cheesiest harem anime you could find and treat you like you’re their superior. Because that is the closest you could get to a girl servicing you.

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Anon: I Dated A Weeaboo

Okay, a while back, I had met a girl who I’ll name K. She was nice and all, I kind of had a crush of her twin brother, so we hung out. She was really nice, you know, she was mainly pleasant to be around. But mostly it was her brother I liked. (This is relevant.)

About after two months of having get to know him, he died. He was hit by a car and his neck snapped on the windowsill. I was devastated. K was helpful, she was a shoulder for me to cry on, and vice versa; they were related after all! We helped each other out and got to know each other more and more as the year went on. I started to realize that I was bi-curious, and developing a crush on K, which I’m ashamed to say, was mostly because she acted a lot like her twin, a bit immature and fangirlish but… Anyways, one day she asks me out, and I go for it, thinking, let’s test this out, y’know?

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Anon: So Cute in Cosplay!

Until recently I had pushed an incident with a weeaboo from my mind. But reading the stories on here have reminded me.

About a year ago I spent the entire second semester of my first year of college hanging out with one particular friend of mine(L). She’s really normal and has never really been into anime, but she seems to attract…interesting people. (a guy who believes he’s possessed by a demon, a paranoid skater who’s a pretty cool guy but has numerous freak outs, and a huge slew of weeaboos) 

Now since L’s been able to drive since our junior year of high school so we’re used to having to go all over to pick up various friends of hers. This was a normal time like all the others, picking up an old friend of L’s from her old school to take him to his grandmother’s place. He was mostly quiet but was a pretty nice guy. Nothing seemed weird at all. 

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