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Submit Anon: The Weeaboo’s of the South

  I work at a local convention here in Oklahoma, and I have seen my fair share of weirdness and oddness during the past 4 years but I have two stories to share with you.

Story #1

     I was working line management before opening ceremonies and the con-goers were allowed to ask us if we can get something/someone for them due to convention rules. I was walking down the line and this group of Black Butler cosplayers stopped me and asked if I could do a favor for them. I was like “sure” and asked them what we needed. 

" Is it okay if you can get drinks for us?" a Ciel cosplayer asked me. I immediately nodded and said, "sure". As soon as I begin to walk towards the water, they stopped me again with them not wanting water, but soda. I was kind of unsure about it because they offered me money to get drinks for them. I ended up running towards the other end of the convention center to get soda for them since none of the machines were working so I had to go to the consession stand. I ended up running out of money and couldn’t get two more drinks. I ran back to the line and gave the soda to them and told them that I ran out of money. They all understood except for this one Grell cosplayer that was with them. 

  As soon as Opening ceremonies was over, I was walking through the convention hall and I was stopped by the Grell cosplayer. I will tell you that she didn’t look as good as others but at least she put effort towards it but anyway, she stopped me and ended up yelling at me saying that I stole their money and Me, being the one who doesn’t start fights, asked her to bring me to her group of friends. She did and still yelled at me and I told them that I honestly ran out of money and there was no change whatsoever. The Ciel cosplayer understood and told the Grell to calm down and apologize and she did but she still glared at me. It didn’t ruin my trust but I’m going to make a rule to the newbies that to never accept money from congoers for soda or whatnot. 

Story #2

      The same year as the Black Butler incident, I decided to run a panel for Korean Pop. I was really excited because it was the first of its kind here in Oklahoma. As soon as the panel started, I was talking and next thing you know, there was this girl who was sitting in the front row and she kept speaking out loud or making comments or suggesting things that were way off topic from the panel. 

       I didn’t want to be seen as some kind of b**** and yell at her and tell her to shut up so I kept ignoring her. She kept making noise until near the end of the panel where I was going to say, “If you guys want, stay in the panel room and talk” and I was hoping to make some new friends but instead this happens…

       ”HEY! If you guys want, you can also attend MY panel and we can chat and stuff”, this girl yells out near the end. O.O I felt my heart break into tiny pieces and then she yells this, “HEY! Let’s go out and talk about K-pop stuff elsewhere”. After that, everyone left with her except for a few people who complimented me and said my panel was well done. I slumped in my chair and almost cried. My boyfriend and my friends were there to comfort me though.

       It made me feel a wee bit better though when I heard that people liked my panel better then her’s because she randomly talked about random K-pop stuff and didn’t interact with the crowd like I did. I just hope she doesn’t pull the same stunt this year…

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Submit Anon: How I Was Bullied Out Of Being A Weeb

Just a warning, this is hella long and some instances of severe bullying.  I’m sorry.

My weeaboo phase lasted for a pretty long time but I was relatively sane.  My w-phase started from fifth grade and didn’t truly end till the summer before ninth grade.  I had a friend who basically introduced anime to me outside of Sailor Moon, Pokemon, and Digimon and other Saturday morning cartoons.  She shortly moved before the beginning of sixth grade and I was basically thrown to the sharks as I had no other friends besides her in a school where I knew no one.

I started to read more manga more then ever because it reminded me of my friend and how much I missed her.  I often brought manga to school and would read it at lunch or before class and sometimes, if I could get away with it, during class.  I admit that I should’ve taken more showers at that point but I didn’t reek of death.  I only spoke Japanese honorifics because I thought they were cute, but only to certain people.  I wore some anime related stuff, but most stayed at home.

Now, at this point of my life, I was extremely shy.  I kept to myself and while I desperately wanted a friend, I just couldn’t work up the courage to actually talk to someone.  Then, like a godsend, a new girl, who we’ll call A, transferred into my class from another class (school schedule mixed up or something? I’m not sure why) and since I was so shy at the time I sat away from the others and I had a open desk next to me.  A sits down next to me and she smiles at me.  Feeling hopeful, I smile back and give her a small “Hi”.

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(You know the rules with videos guys)

MadThad 2.0 in the making, folks

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Submit Anon: Classmate Weeb

There was a weeb that i remember from 10th-12th grade. She will be known T. T was new and I took her under my wing as i knew what it was like to be the new kid. From the get go she was a weeaboo. She loved Naruto and was obessed with it, was rather large and very strong. I did like Naruto not as much as i did when i was in middle school. But i still hung out with her because i felt bad for her. She lived down the street from me so she would come over to hang out.

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Submit Anon: You look just like my OC girlfriend!

I have been into anime since I was 10 (I’m 18 now) and while I did have a weeaboo phase, it was very mild and ended when I was 13.

July through September is convention season in this part of Europe, and aside from one or two winter conventions, all of the year’s anime events are held in this 4-month period of time. With so many cons packed so closely together, anybody planning on attending all 9 of them has a very stressful time trying to prepare (read: me).

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Submit Anon: Weeaboo House Quest

So awhile ago I found out that there would be a fan expo some place close to where I live, which doesn’t happen often because I live in a part of Saskatchewan with a lot of small towns. Anyways when my online friend who is a weeb (we’ll call her A) found out that there was one I told her that she could come with me.

Now she isn’t exactly an online friend, I knew her when she used to be in my town. We both wen through our weeaboo phase together; bad cosplay in the street, learning japanese dances (I was actually okay at them , not to brag…but I memorized a lot while she didn’t bother to practice), pretending to be people from Soul Eater, and posting shitty anime videos on youtube. I got out of my weeaboo phase before her, then I helped cure her of her weebi-ness. Well, as soon as she moved she got back into her weeaboo phase.

Anyways. The fan expo hasn’t happened yet but she asked if she could bring a few friends along, I didn’t know any of them so we all met up at my house so I could get to know them.

Bad idea.

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Submit Anon: I’m better than you. I’m more Kawaii.

So not too long ago I went to a small ish con. My first actually. I had went with a few friends. And promptly stuck to them like I was literally glue because of my social anxieties.

I went as a few different cosplays. The first day I went as Seras Victoria the first day. Tank girl as the second. And Karkat from homestuck the third. Surprisingly enough I actually received a good deal of attention. So I got to meet all kinds of  new people. Some I’d rather not have met.

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Submit Anon: Tales From the Weebside

Warning: Very, very, very long

Okay! So this tale starts off at a small town highschool in the midwest. This small town is in the middle of? ….you guessed it! nowhere.

I was in middle school and I have to admit I was quite a weeb myself. And kindof antisocial. but other than tracing and saying “look at skill!!” I don’t consider myself to be all that bad. Nor my friends either. We all hung out together and our interaction was mainly based on the fact that we all liked anime. So discussing anime. Obsessing over anime…..trying to make our own anime. You get the idea. This also reflected on our appearances. Each of us had some sort of anime styled merchandise. Whether it be a tshirt or at the very least a pin on a backpack. This made us even more obvious as the “weirdies” of the school. So you can imagine that the people we attracted were one of our own.

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