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The crazy weaboo ex

Me - Sam
Weaboo ex - Sebastian (Seb)
Best friend - Jay
Boyfriend - Jerry

Now, this happened around three years ago.

I was dating this weaboo guy who we’re just going to call Seb, we clicked right away because we both watched anime, just that I wasn’t as obsessed as he was. 

During freshman year I had this phase where I desperately wanted to learn how to draw so I could draw my OC’s, so I used anime characters as a drawing practise. When he noticed that I was drawing Soul from Soul Eater, he started asking me which anime I’ve seen so far, which is my favourite and so on.

I was more than happy to talk to him because not a lot of people in this school watch anime, we pretty much clicked right away.

Then some time around February he asked me if I wanted to go on a date with him, and I said yes. Little did I know back then that he is the clingiest person ever.

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Weeb from the past

Okay, so this story is not very horrific, more of a “oh yeah i can relate” one, but it was memorable nonetheless.

A little background first. In Pre-K and Kindergarten, there was a girl in my class (let’s call her Sally) who I was friends with, but back then, you were sort of friends with everyone because you were like, four. So Sally didn’t get along too well with others, they all sort of made fun of her if I recall from that long ago, but I seemed to be her only friend. I liked her enough, but after Kindergarten Sally left the school because the school was going to hold her back a grade and her mother didn’t want that.

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Running Anime Club

Let’s set the scene.

I’m 14 years old, a freshman in high school. Our school anime club is run by a group of super awesome juniors. They graduate the next year, train new chick (let’s call her A) to be the new president and all is well.

Fast forward to Junior year. A starts inviting me over to hang out and we talk and generally have a good time. The third time I stay the night, she tells me, “So the reason I’ve been hanging out with you so much is because I want you to be the new president of anime club after I graduate.” (our club had a policy where our president or co-presidents would nominate and train the new “sensei”.) I was shocked. I tried to politely refuse, since I hardly ever watched anime anymore (gotta love online manga scans, baby) but she was insistent. I decided to give it a shot. She made the announcement at the end of Junior year, much to a certain moody Naruto fanatic’s chagrin.

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Pervy weeb

Roll call!

Me: Sumi

Classmate: Seat boy

Classmates@my table: E and D

E’s friend: weeb

This is only ONE of the tales of the Pervy Weeb. There’s more, but I’d like to share this one for now.

It all began towards the end of school. I was studying my butt off for the finals, most importantly my last class of the day, which was the hardest. My teacher changed the seating arrangements so everyone was in groups of 4. My seat was in the corner of the class in the back, and next to me was an empty seat. Random people sat there every day, so I didn’t bother myself with whoever sat there.

But little did I know that the final stretch of the year was about to get a LOT more interesting.

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Tales of a Stalker

When I was 15, I moved across the country to go to a specialized charter art high school. The move itself was very difficult and it was definitely a bit of a culture shock. My previous school was an art school as well, but it was less specialized and the visual arts courses were basically the classes that student with behavioral problems were put into to get an easy A. Of course, because it was less regulated, there was so much room for weebs who wanted nothing to do with the mandatory drawing exercises and only attended that class because they thought that it was a class where you could just draw manga all day. My mom and I felt as though it was necessary to switch to a school where visual art is taken more seriously since I had decided that I wanted to actually become an artist for a living.

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Bamaka The Terrible

Trigger warning : discussion of rape and self harm. Sorry, it’s long!

So there’s a girl at my old high school (I graduated) who I will call Bamaka. Bamaka has a lot of weeby qualities. She’s not exactly healthy, yet her everyday outfit usually consists of a tight camisole top and a short pleated skirt which lead to her unintentionally flashing people regularly. She also has a smell about her. Sometimes she wears large, ostentatious cosplay wigs to school that are digustingly tangled, as though she keeps them in a pile in her closet. And of course, she traces manga and pretends she drew it, and violently defends “her” work if questioned. I forget how exactly I met her, but a lot of my interactions with her were through Creative Writing Club. My best friend (Sammy) and I actually started our friendship through mutual dislike of Bamaka. Since Bamaka has many traits and I have had extensive interactions with her, I will break them up so as not to have a wall of text.

1 - Sammy and Bamaka

Sammy is in the same grade as Bamaka and has had the unfortunate luck of sharing classes with her. Bamaka for some reason thinks Sammy is a really close friend of hers, despite Sammy trying to be as standoffish as possible. At one point, Bamaka insisted that she borrow Sammy’s phone to text her “boyfriend” (I will call him Sebu, and he is a boy she met online who she has never met in person; she has a different one of these every year). Bamaka claimed that her phone was taken by the FBI to help solve her “rape” (more about that later), but it turns out her parents had taken it away for roleplay-sexting. That is exactly what she and Sebu did on Sammy’s phone, usually as Sebastian from Black Butler and some OC of Bamaka’s. She didn’t even bother deleting the messages, so Sammy and I read them afterwards. It was disgusting, the classic “oh sebu -blushes-” format, and definitely not appropriate to be doing on someone else’s phone. When Sammy asked them to stop, both Bamaka and Sebu turned on her, insulted her and called her names, and acted like they were victims. Later in the year, when Sammy started seeing a boy, Bamaka would look over her shoulder at her phone and comment on some pictures or text she would happen to see as if they were so scandalous and disgusting, when actually Bamaka had done worse ON THE SAME PHONE. She also made repeated comparisons between Sammy’s boyfriend and Sebu, always making Sebu out to be much better. 

2 - Imaginary Problems and Bamaka

There are unfortunately some people who make up ailments or problems for themselves to seem special. Bamaka is one of them. The main “problem” of hers is that she claims to have been raped a number of years ago. The story always changes and several key details are missing, despite the fact that she tells the rape story to many, many people, often unprovoked and randomly. This is what makes me and many others think her story is a lie. As if this wasn’t bad enough, she has named a student in our school as the rapist. Now, I have had classes with this boy, and while he can be a bit of a dick he is nowhere near rapist territory. He could get in LOTS of trouble for this.

If there’s one thing Bamaka loves, it is fanfiction. She writes a lot of Soul Eater fanfiction, always pairing Soul and Maka romantically. They’re very poorly written and extremely author avatar-Mary Sue. After a little while, her stories started to feature Maka getting raped, cutting herself, having other mental problems, witnessing brutal murder, etc. One in particular was about Maka cutting herself regularly because she couldn’t admit that she loved Soul, and eventually downing a handful of Benadryl and dying (she’s resurrected afterwards). While this may not sound so awful as it is, Bamaka included several Author’s Notes at the bottom flat-out ADMITTING that this was an author avatar story and “she was doing in real life what Maka was doing in the story”. Ignoring the fact that the story included Maka slicing arteries without dying and other obviously impossible things, after reading this I went to school and looked at Bamaka’s arms (where Maka cut in the story). They were as smooth as a baby’s ass. No cuts. As someone who has struggled with self-harm, and someone with friends who were GENUINELY sexually assaulted, the fact that she was faking it for attention or to be “edgy” online made me very, very pissed off at her. She has also recently taken up the unfortunate “trend” of diagnosing herself with bipolar disorder and PTSD.

3 - Creative Writing Club and Bamaka

As mentioned before, Bamaka loves her fanfiction. For a while, she would submit it to the school’s Creative Writing Club, which I was a member of for three and a half years, despite there being a general consensus that fanfiction was not allowed (due to the fact that we could not critique it for content without knowing the context, and we actively discouraged critiquing grammar/spelling alone). Submissions were also supposed to be anonymous so that everyone would give unbiased reviews, but Bamaka somehow always managed to “let it slip” that it was her. The few times we agreed to critique her fanfiction, we had no choice but to only critique the grammar (which she was bad at). And she never listened. It was always “oh, Microsoft Word did it” or “it would make sense if you read the manga” etc. She would also pull out her battered copies of Soul Eater and show everyone pictures for reference. After two years of this, we flat-out banned fanfiction. When we weren’t reading her pieces, Bamaka never offered criticism for any other pieces - often she’d text on her phone and giggle loudly or draw manga characters. Creative Writing Club also sponsored open-mic “coffeehouse” events in the auditorium. Students could read personal writing, share a piece of music (though that was not encouraged so much), do a small skit, etc. Bamaka loved these. At first, she would get up on the mic and talk about her “boyfriend” problems - which eventually led to the club leaders making her get off the stage. However, that led to worse: her singing in “Japanese”. She would stand onstage for a good five minutes and sing something that nobody could understand, in a terrible American accent. Reportedly, she did this in class, too. When that didn’t fly, she starting singing English dubs of anime openings such as Black Butler and Soul Eater. She would also make loud commotion and be distracting whenever someone else stood up. 

tl;dr : Weeb steals friend’s phone to have roleplay sex, pretends to have mental problems, forces bad fanfiction on a school club, sings in terrible Japanese, and desperately craves attention from everyone

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The Keychain Thief

I have been going to a small con in my hometown for about five years. This year, my art had gained some popularity on Tumblr and Deviantart, so I decided that I would get a booth at the con and try to make some money off of my work. I got some prints, buttons and keychains together to sell.

The day of the con finally came and I set up my booth with my friend, X. Everything was going well and people were really interested in my work. That is, until the weeaboo came along. She pushed her way through the small crowd around the table and picked up a handful of keychains.

“KAWAII!!!!” she screeched. She flipped through all of the keychains she picked up and chose a few from the bunch that she liked. Then, shockingly, she shoved them into her bag and just walked away.

I was stunned at first, because I really wasn’t expecting someone to steal like that. X got up and went after her. As soon as the weeb saw X, she started sprinting, and she was fast. But X was faster. X caught up to her and managed to get the keychains out of her bag. The weeb was screaming, which of course attracted con security. X explained the situation to them and they took the weeb away.

Other than that incident, the con went smoothly. If I decide to sell again next year, I will have to keep an eye out for the weeb.


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TMI with a Stranger

sort of a short story and not really anywhere near as bad as some on here, but I wanted to share it anyway.

Back when I was around 14 I went to a local con, all went well there minus a few odd experiences. It was in the aftermath things got a bit weird. As used to be the thing, I added basically everyone I met or who went to the con on facebook in the post hype of it all, because I was naive and liked being part of a group. In any case, a guy (we’ll call him Vee) I hadn’t actually met in person started messaging me and I was like ‘great! new friends’ so I carried on the conversation. Vee was quite a bit older than me, at least 10 years I think, and started calling me ‘leah-chan’ straight off the bat. This probably should’ve set off warning bells, but at the time I was a weeb (as we all were) and it was like a nickname or something. Then it progressed on to little sister (imouto I think?) after one conversation, but I just put it down to friendship again which was dumb. I get this doesn’t seem that creepy at the moment but I guess it progresses.

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I created a monster

Vampire addicts name: SS

Friend me and vampire addict had in common: HK

Me: N

Okay, so it all started my freshman year of high school and it was kind of a huge change for me because I had only been in private school before and everyone had always told me that public schools were SO terrible (little did i know I had more opportunity there than I ever had in private school). When I switched I was slightly terrified so i never talked to ANYONE. It was to the point where I would get my lunch and go sit in the bathroom and call my best friend just so I could finally talk to someone.

These two girls (SS and HK) that always sat at their own table during lunch always noticed I would take off after receiving my lunch and not be in the cafeteria or courtyard. They asked where I would go, and of course I didn’t want to tell them I was in the bathroom by myself eating lunch, so I would lie and say I would go to the library during lunch. I guess they felt bad I had no friends or anyone to sit with there so they asked if I wanted to sit with them and finally getting a bit tired of eating in the restroom I said yes (also in hopes of finally getting friends). 

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Weaboo cousin from hell

Okay so this is a story about my cousin, who we’ll just call L.
So whenever I was like 9 or 10 and way before I ever even started liking anime, my family had traveled down during the summer to visit the rest of my family. Well my cousin was super antisocial and “weird” (she wore a Naruto headband all the time and gloves) and she stayed in the house most of the time. Well one day I stayed inside with her and after a while she calls me over to show me a video. The vid she had showed me was of Mitsuki from Full Moon O Sagashite performing one of her solos. I was completely mesmerized by it and when I got home I looked up the video and ended up watching the entire series. That’s what started it all.

So fast forward to a couple years later and I’m 13 and still into anime. I had been begging my mom to let me go to an anime convention and with help from L’s dad she caved in and let me go to one she was also going to. Everything was going smooth until we found out L’s dad couldn’t take her, but my mom stepped in and said that L could go with us and just room with us the entire time there. We had planned to get there Thursday (to pick up early badges and all that jazz) and leave Sunday.

At first L was super nice and respectful and we caught up a bit on everything and talked about some anime on the ride there and she had told us about her being in the dance competition there and how she had everything planned but then she remembered that she had forgot her laptop cord. Well we really couldn’t go all the way back home since it was a 2 hour drive plus traffic and she called her dad’s friend (she comes into the story again later) who had just gotten out of surgery to see if she could get it. That meant that the poor lady would have to drive 2 hours back to her home just to get a cord.

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