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Submit Anon: The Weeaboo’s of the South

  I work at a local convention here in Oklahoma, and I have seen my fair share of weirdness and oddness during the past 4 years but I have two stories to share with you.

Story #1

     I was working line management before opening ceremonies and the con-goers were allowed to ask us if we can get something/someone for them due to convention rules. I was walking down the line and this group of Black Butler cosplayers stopped me and asked if I could do a favor for them. I was like “sure” and asked them what we needed. 

" Is it okay if you can get drinks for us?" a Ciel cosplayer asked me. I immediately nodded and said, "sure". As soon as I begin to walk towards the water, they stopped me again with them not wanting water, but soda. I was kind of unsure about it because they offered me money to get drinks for them. I ended up running towards the other end of the convention center to get soda for them since none of the machines were working so I had to go to the consession stand. I ended up running out of money and couldn’t get two more drinks. I ran back to the line and gave the soda to them and told them that I ran out of money. They all understood except for this one Grell cosplayer that was with them. 

  As soon as Opening ceremonies was over, I was walking through the convention hall and I was stopped by the Grell cosplayer. I will tell you that she didn’t look as good as others but at least she put effort towards it but anyway, she stopped me and ended up yelling at me saying that I stole their money and Me, being the one who doesn’t start fights, asked her to bring me to her group of friends. She did and still yelled at me and I told them that I honestly ran out of money and there was no change whatsoever. The Ciel cosplayer understood and told the Grell to calm down and apologize and she did but she still glared at me. It didn’t ruin my trust but I’m going to make a rule to the newbies that to never accept money from congoers for soda or whatnot. 

Story #2

      The same year as the Black Butler incident, I decided to run a panel for Korean Pop. I was really excited because it was the first of its kind here in Oklahoma. As soon as the panel started, I was talking and next thing you know, there was this girl who was sitting in the front row and she kept speaking out loud or making comments or suggesting things that were way off topic from the panel. 

       I didn’t want to be seen as some kind of b**** and yell at her and tell her to shut up so I kept ignoring her. She kept making noise until near the end of the panel where I was going to say, “If you guys want, stay in the panel room and talk” and I was hoping to make some new friends but instead this happens…

       ”HEY! If you guys want, you can also attend MY panel and we can chat and stuff”, this girl yells out near the end. O.O I felt my heart break into tiny pieces and then she yells this, “HEY! Let’s go out and talk about K-pop stuff elsewhere”. After that, everyone left with her except for a few people who complimented me and said my panel was well done. I slumped in my chair and almost cried. My boyfriend and my friends were there to comfort me though.

       It made me feel a wee bit better though when I heard that people liked my panel better then her’s because she randomly talked about random K-pop stuff and didn’t interact with the crowd like I did. I just hope she doesn’t pull the same stunt this year…

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Submit Anon: Classmate Weeb

There was a weeb that i remember from 10th-12th grade. She will be known T. T was new and I took her under my wing as i knew what it was like to be the new kid. From the get go she was a weeaboo. She loved Naruto and was obessed with it, was rather large and very strong. I did like Naruto not as much as i did when i was in middle school. But i still hung out with her because i felt bad for her. She lived down the street from me so she would come over to hang out.

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Submit Anon: You look just like my OC girlfriend!

I have been into anime since I was 10 (I’m 18 now) and while I did have a weeaboo phase, it was very mild and ended when I was 13.

July through September is convention season in this part of Europe, and aside from one or two winter conventions, all of the year’s anime events are held in this 4-month period of time. With so many cons packed so closely together, anybody planning on attending all 9 of them has a very stressful time trying to prepare (read: me).

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Submit Anon: I’m better than you. I’m more Kawaii.

So not too long ago I went to a small ish con. My first actually. I had went with a few friends. And promptly stuck to them like I was literally glue because of my social anxieties.

I went as a few different cosplays. The first day I went as Seras Victoria the first day. Tank girl as the second. And Karkat from homestuck the third. Surprisingly enough I actually received a good deal of attention. So I got to meet all kinds of  new people. Some I’d rather not have met.

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Submit Anon: Basket full of weebs

I’ve got a few somewhat short stories to share with you (the way these are spaced out is going to make this long…I apologize) all about my encounters with the obsessed anime fans and sort of weeby kids when I was in highschool (stories range from 4 to 8 years ago).

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Submit Anon: Pegged as a Weeaboo

This is my story of how i get made fun of by a boy in my class for liking anime and how he constantly calls me a weeaboo and is just blatantly rude.

It mainly connects to last year, i was in 11th grade, when i would carry around a stack of manga from the school library and read through it in a 2 day period. I was always reading them in class, not really paying attention to anything except the manga. I was failing almost all of my classes because of it. Now no one would expect me to be a past weeab because i speak and act along the lines of how the rest of the california population does, but last year i spoke in broken japanese so it was bad. Anyways this guy called me a weeaboo a lot last year, which i objeted to and got mad and threw a book at him because i just didn’t want to be called a weeab. i took it as a huge insult but now if someone calls me a weeaboo i brush it off because i realize i’m not really a weeaboo anymore but i’m still into anime so i just agree and move on.

Today in class the same guy called me a weeaboo and i said something along the lines of ‘yeah i am, so what i don’t care.’ he got really mad and he said ‘So what? weeaboos are gross. end of story. you assimilate yourself with their culture and you always wear japanese inspired stuff. your shoes phone and bag are a good example of that’ (my shoes are hello kitty and my bag is hatsune miku) I said ‘your point? i’m not bothering anyone with it and i don’t speak in broken japanese or do nothing but carry around manga. i read american books and get involved in regular things that a weeaboo typically wouldn’t and i’m really happy with how i am but i still agree to being a weeaboo because it’s easier and don’t have to deal with bull like this’ he huffed and looked at me saying i’m a loser weeaboo and need to stop infecting the air or something like that. he rolled his eyes after that and walked away as i just stared after him and laughed at his back because that was basically him admitting defeat.

He’s an asshole and honestly i understand why he wouldn’t like hardcore weeaboos which my school has plenty of but I’ve always been really hygienic because their are hygienic weeaboos out there just so you know. and i’m your average sized teenage girl, so like a size 7 in jeans and M shirt and my appearance is pretty normal too. because again there are weeaboos that look completely normal and take care of themselves. He’s just a jerk and ya.

My main point of this is that normal anime dorks get pegged as weeaboos just as often and people that used to be weebs are treated sort of terribly even if they never pushed anyones boundary, which i should mention i always kept my hands to myself unless i asked for a hug first okay. And that there are clean, i can fit into society weeaboos and tbh they are probably more common then “hambeasts” or people that are just unhygienic.

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Stalked Through Anime

before i start, this story isn’t so much about an obnoxious weeb, but the guy it’s about creeped me out terribly and he is sort of an otaku. this might not get posted bc of that but damn i need to tell this story to somebody.

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Submit Anon: Her “Kawaii-Chan”

Goku: Weeb
H: Me
So I have a weeb story that is has become a middle school choir legend. My weeb story starts when I was 11 years old. I had discovered Hatsune Miku one night, and I barreled into a mild weeb stage. I liked anime and mangas (I actually LOVED mangas), had been drawing anime style since I was 9, was fascinated by the language, and loved the culture and fashion. I’ve always liked cute things, and that was one of the main elements that drew me into becoming a weeb. I was very hygienic and polite. I kept to myself about anime, and have always had exaggerated movements (This is important, I promise) . I was a petite (5 foot and 93 lbs) girl when the horror story begins. On my first day of school, I headed into the choir room and sat down. I knew a few girls from the year previous, and knew some from my church, so I sat near them. We did typical first day introduction games, and when I was asked if there was something unique about me. I thought for a moment and then replied that I could speak Japanese. This interested people, and I was asked to say something. I politely introduced myself and asked how they were doing. This proved to them that I could indeed speak Japanese. A larger girl in the risers interrupts me as I explain to them what I had said. I’m going to call her Goku, as this was her favorite character. Goku interjects that she too can speak Japanese, but doesn’t want to speak any right now. I made a mental note of this, and a few days later, I went to talk to her. I asked if she could truly speak Japanese, and when she replied that she had learned from anime, we struck up a conversation about anime, manga, and vocaloid. Goku also loved all of these things, and we became fast friends.

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Submit anon: Weeb stalker

My birthday was recently and i deiced to do something with some people i know. This included my boyfriend J and my best friend S. Now there is a weeb we know who calls herself Neko. She thinks anime is the best thing in the world and hates anyone who disagrees. Neko also has a crush on S who has a boyfriend and has told S, “I want to be Yuri with you.” I use to hang out with her during my weeb stage but that changed when I got into 10th grade. I recently saw Neko at the college i attend. Earlier that day she had asked if i wanted to hang out but i told her no. When she asked why i told her i was going to the mall that night. That was true but i did not want her to find out about my birthday thing. So that night J, S and I all went to the mall. We had fun at first till Neko showed up while we were walking around. She was wearing this Akatsuki cloak and cat ears. She frowned asking, “Why are you not in cosplay? Isn’t this a cosplay party?” I was confused for two reasons. One, why did she think it was a cosplay party? Two did she just invite herself? But yup it was happening. She was following us and just being obnoxious. She wanted to buy S clothes to make her more kawaii. S did not like that and yelled at her. So sometime later S, J and I had a dinner reservation soon and only had a little time left. We told Neko we had to leave for dinner. At first she tried to follow saying, “It could be a double Date!” But we told her no. We to the parking lot and S said she had to use the bathroom. So she headed to the bathroom. She was gone for a long time when J and I got worried. I went to go look for her. When i headed into the bathroom I saw S crying with an old women comforting her. When i asked what happened S told me that Neko had groped her breasts and when she told her to stop Neko said, “But you are so cute.” The women told me security had taken Neko away. S just headed home that night and is now pressing charges and getting a restraining order against Neko.

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Submit Anon: The Dancing Weeb

So I started tap dancing around 13-14, and for the sake of argument lets just call our weeb C. A few weeks into the class, I learned I’m a really good tap dancer, like, insanely good. And that really angered C, who’d apparently been doing tap since kindergarten. She started getting really defensive around me after the dance teachers started favoring me over her and even put me in the lead for our tap routine for the recital.

Of course, that angered her even more. Now, I was already outgrowing my weeb phase; I still read manga and watched anime, but I was starting to grow out of it and getting into other things. Whenever I mentioned my favorite character was X from Y show, she’d throw the biggest tantrum I’ve seen a girl my age throw, yelling that I can’t like said character because “They’re my waifu/husband and they hate you!!!!” She started bugging me whenever I was sketching before class, shoving her sketchbook of horribly drawn shoujo and OCs in my face and critiquing my art (I was trying to form my own style by now, and apparently anything that didn’t look “kawaii” was offensive to her).

Skip ahead towards the end of eighth grade, and I’m starting to miss classes and rehearsals because of school obligations. My teachers understood, so they never scolded me and just made sure I was up to date with the routine whenever I came to class. So C decided this was her turn to strike; every class I missed she’d keep passively aggressively hinting at the fact that I, the lead dancer, was missing and how unprofessional and “not sugoi” it was of me. (Note, a friend in my dance told me this, I’m not sure how much she discussed my absences, but according to the entire dance studio it was a lot).

So after a few weeks of this constant harassment between shoving her bad sketches in my face to basically bitching about me behind my back, I decided to tell my dance instructors about what C was doing. Of course they got really angry; they knew how much of an issue my self-esteem was, and obviously having someone that toxic in my routine wasn’t helping me. They talked to her and told her if she did it again she’d be in a lot of trouble because she didn’t know the whole story. She kept harassing me until I left the studio the summer before freshman year.

I still have her on Facebook and she occasionally posts passive statuses about that even though it’s been nearly 3 years since it happened (and I stopped talking to her when I left). I also found her deviantart, and she’s even made a rival OC for her character modeled after me; same hair, same eyes, same /everything/ and it’s honestly terrifying what she does with that character. I told her to stop when I was still close to her and when she’d just made the character, but she’s still kept it up even after THREE YEARS.

I know my story is not as bad as some of the ones on here, but going to dance was honestly a nightmare since I knew I’d either get bitched at or sketchbooks thrown at me. She still tries to contact me sometimes and discuss it. Girl just can’t let it go.

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