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Submit Anon: Horrific Hotel Weeboo

Sorry for the long read, I tried to include all the detail from this event.

So, this happened around a month ago.  Me my boyfriend (BF), and my now ex friend (Sasu) had gone to a convention together. Me and BF had been asked if we wanted to room with Sasu in exchange for a ride. We happily said yes considering we needed a place to stay instead of driving back and forth from his house each day.

The day before the con, I and BF had to finish up on his cosplay. Sasu said if we picked her up early she’d stay the night and help. Considering my weapon prop wasn’t finished, and we could use the help, we picked her up. She caused a bit of trouble with my BF that night. She and I were talking about cosplay as she was doing Sasuke and I agreed to do my Naruto cosplay one more time, though I was out of the series by this point. She was talking about how last year her friend abandoned her, and I was telling her I couldn’t wait to hang out with her during the con (we were friends since I was 12 and we had never been to a con together) after that, she was getting goofy like she sometimes does. BF was laying on the floor tired, and she thought it’d be funny to touch him on the, well private area. He flinched and had a break down, because he had been sexually abused in his past. He was so upset he went into the other room for a few hours upset, and I had to calm him down. And immediately, Sasu went to sleep on my bed, So I had to sleep on my floor alone.

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Submit Anon: Still Can’t Shake This Weeb Stalker

(I apologize in advance for how long this story is, but since it encompasses almost 9 years of history I had a lot to share about this weeaboo experience.)

I was 12 years old and I had just moved from overseas to the states. It was my first time going to a civilian school and I had a hard time relating to other kids, so I spent most of my time by myself drawing (anime-esque things and nature scenes, mostly), and that quickly gained attention from others. One girl – we’ll call her N – was particularly interested in my art; she grabbed my notebook from off my desk and flipped through it, only complimenting my anime type drawings. I didn’t take it to heart since I didn’t think she was trying to be rude and introduced myself to her; we quickly became friends after that.

I never walked home with anyone and usually I snuck out of class early to get a head start going back home, and left so early in the morning to school that no other kids were out walking to school. I was a little creeped out when there was a knock on the door one morning before I left, and my mother opened the door to tell me that N was waiting for me. N told me how she found my house, but after I debunked one story she’d make up another and another, and I could tell she was getting nervous so I let it be. In hindsight this was probably a red flag, but I wasn’t looking for a reason to not have a friend.

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Submit Anon: Car stealing Katana weeb

I had a room mate many years ago that collected katanas and only katanas, because as we know they are the “best” and “sharpest” sword ever made. He would always get the cheap show ones, and would practice sword fighting out in the back yard. Now I knew he would spend all his spare money on these swords but because he paid rent and his share of the food on time I didn’t really think about it.

Well turns out he didn’t keep up with his car payment thanks to his hobby because one day the repo man showed up to take his car. He was months behind on payments. I was the one to answer the door and tell him that his car was getting towed. My roommate runs up to his room, I thought to get a check book or something. Nope he comes down with one of his katanas and starts to threaten the guy so he can keep his car. Naturally the repo guy wasn’t really worried. I’m sure he had seen worse then a guy with a dull fake sword, so he just lets him know if he wants his car back where he can go to make payments and drives off. My room mate was having none of this and chased the guy a few block screaming while waving his katana around, saying that he could cut his truck in half or whatever. Finally he came back swearing that he would get his car back one way or the another. I got on his case telling him if he hadn’t spent all his cash on crap junky swords he wouldn’t be in this mess and he is damn lucky the repo man didn’t call the cops on him. He stopped talking to me for a few weeks after that.

A few months go by and one day I notice that he got his car back and when I asked him he said that we worked out a payment. That was a lie because a few days later the cops show up at our place looking for him. He had kept a copy of the car key and when he saw it in the used car lot that he bought it from he just went over and drove it back home.

TL;DR Room mate spends money on fake cheap swords and not his car payments, car gets taken back, weeb steals it back because he felt it was rightfully his.

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Submit Anon: Reset Button

So when I was but a 17 year old girl Chobits had just become popular in the states. I was (and still am) a huge CLAMP fan, and that year CLAMP was actually coming to the states (to Anime Expo) for the first time. I was very excited, so a friend and I wanted to cosplay something CLAMP-related. Since we’re both blonde we decided to do Chii and Freyya. My mom found a very pretty white dress for me and a very pretty black dress for my friend, L (16 at the time), in her closet. 

I want to take the time to note that these dresses were not revealing in any way. They were spaggetti strap but they were long and flowy and just PRETTY. Not sexy or revealing (not that wearing those excuses the behavior that I am going to describe). 

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Submit Anon: Camp Weeb

Submit Anon

Weeb: D

Camp Friend: S

School Friend: K

When I was younger (13), one of my friends, K, convinced me to go to a summer camp with her. As I had never been away from home for more than a night, I was nervous but agreed to go with her. This time was during the falloff of my weeaboo phase and I still retained a small obsession with Naruto. As such, I checked out several Naruto manga from the local library and decided to bring it along (partially as a type of security blanket).

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Cultural Fair and the Pizza Parlor

A few weeks ago, my school had a cultural fair. If you’re not sure as to what it is, it’s basically an event where students set up tables to represent a culture/country. It was also an early release day so we were allowed to leave at 12:30.

I have a friend we’ll call Iggy (and her friends will go by America, Romano, France, and Germany). Iggy is one of those people who tries to tell others how it is (ie she gets mad when people use tea bags and she says  that tea bags aren’t real tea and you have to use fresh herbs. I know what you’re thinking and I agree; that’s crazy). She’s also an anglophile.

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Why We Should Watch Hetalia in Social Studies

A small essay on why Hetalia should meet the class room (for “educational purposes” only no need to spread hate)

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Naruto-obsessed guy with a sword

So. I think I already submitted this story to the old version of the blog, but it’s just too creepy to let it disappear into the abbyss. So I’m gonna write it up again. It’s gonna get a bit long.

Also, putting a warning for stalking, mentions of self-harm, and rape threats.

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Submit Anon: It’s Just a Joke

Here is a little back story which pertains to the main event: I went out to lunch with my best friend and upon signing the receipt, I wrote my first name twice instead of first and last name. My best friend thought this was hilarious and laughed really hard for about fifteen minutes before squealing, “It sounds like a bad anime nickname!” She then said my first name twice and added “Senpai” onto the end of it. As of today, my Facebook name is my first name twice, with Senpai, and then my last name. It’s just a joke. My friends and I do not use any Japanese titles with each other seriously. 

Here is the main story: 

My name in this story will be “Dog.” 

Friend One is “Fish Guy.”

Friend Two is “Bro.”

The weeaboo is “Garlic.” 

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Submit Anon:

Apologies if this is longer than the dictionary, I just really had to get this out somehow

I moved to a new school about 1 and a half years ago. My old town was really small and the school only had around 200 students. Now that I’ve moved to the capital region, there’s a lot more people with the same interests as me. I never had a lot of friends in my old town, so when I moved I was delighted to see that more people had these interests.

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