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i’m not sure if this counts as a weeaboo story, but i guess i’ll share anyways.

i have a friend who i’ll call C. i met her in the beginning of the year and being a high school freshman i wanted to make friends with everyone i could. we talked for a bit and since then became well-acquainted.

a few weeks later i discover she likes reading manga and drawing anime. sometimes we talked about different shows or our favorite characters. i was glad i met a sane anime fan. although C occasionally acts weeaboo-ish, i put that aside since i’m sure a lot of people go through that phase. i also figured she would just grow out of it.

anyways, last week C went to an anime convention. when i saw her at school she was wearing a lanyard covered in buttons from different animes. she was also wearing a purple kitty hat. i didn’t think too much of this, so i approached her and said, “hey C, cool hat.” she responded with shouting out, “NYA NYA NYA, NYA, NYA NYA~!” everyone kept staring at us with wtf faces x__x. also if someone touched one of her cat ears she would whimper and say, “you hurt my ear!” and hide from them.

at the end of the day, i think she realized how painful that situation was for everyone (including herself) and hasn’t worn the kitty hat to school since :).

Mod M Note: Good to see she at least realized no one liked how she was acting!