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So I have this friend for the time being I will call her “Y”. I haven’t seen her face to face in awhile, but somewhat recently on Facebook we’ve began chatting again.

Y’s the kind of person who loves gay rights and everything, as long as they’re young, good looking, and male. She is also the kind of person that calls everything gay yaoi.

One day, she begins with my horrid nickname of “nee-chan”, I’ve told her to stop calling me that plenty of times, but anyways, she starts shooting the crap with some Durarara. I don’t particularly like this show, I’ve never seen it, and I don’t plan to. So instantly I don’t have anything to do but say “oh yeah, go on.”. 

So then, she starts talking about Shizuo and Izaya and some sex they had in a doujin or fanfiction or something. I don’t particularly like this pairing, because it’s not really canon. So I decide I’ve had enough of this, and I point out that the ‘sexual tensions’ are just them trying to kill each other out of hatred. 

Instantly Y starts getting  pissed off, and she starts trying to justify shizaya. A direct quote from her was:

“Every time they come on the screen together, its like:  ohmigod, are they going to do it? but they end up almost killing each other.” 

That was it for me, and I kind of lost it. I raged behind the computer because of the ignorance of Y.

I get back behind the keyboard and try to hopefully change the subject to something more pleasant. So I start talking about Hetalia. 

Y replies: “Oh, you’re still into that? Well figures. I guess you don’t have the maturity to deal with hard yaoi.” Like she should be fucking proud of that.

But the straw that broke the Camel’s was when she said: “The Hetalia Fandom isn’t that big, and there isn’t enough  yaoi in it anyways.” 

Please someone if I am wrong, correct me. Isn’t the Hetalia Fandom usually nothing but yaoi?

And isn’t it huge?

Anyways I’ve started avoiding her for health’s sake. And I feel a lot better.

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Weeaboo Friends

Me and two of my friends got into Hetalia this summer. First, they were sane about it, now I think it’s going a bit out of hand.

One of my friends (lets call her Rainbow) is more of a weeb then the other friend. Rainbow is a nice person, and she means well, but she can be annoying at times. She rambles on and on about her stupid Hetalia fanfics that include her mary-sue fan characters, which are obviously self-inserts. She also rambles on and on about other anime series which I could really care less about, like this one show called Baku No (I think that’s how it’s spelled). Most of the time, I don’t pay attention. She also sings Marukaite Chikyuu and is very disappointed that, as a Hetalia fan, I don’t know all the lyrics to it. She also thinks i’m a pshycopath because I’m a bit quirky. Oh, and she always complains that no one in her class likes her, and how “everyone loves me”. Maybe if she cut out her weebness, people would actually like her.

Now let’s talk about my other friend, lets call her Iggy, since she is OBSESSEDwith England from Hetalia. This weeaboo goes to a different school than me, but my poor best friend has to deal with her going on and on about how “hot” England is. Iggy isn’t as bad as Rainbow, but if someone “loves” England, she will get mildly upset and say that “Iggy” is “hers” (I have a friend who says this to get on her nerves).

Now, Rainbow and Iggy are usually fine when they are not around each other, but when they are together, oh gosh. They pretend to be characters from Hetalia (and their crappy OCs), they sing in Japanese in in front of everyone, they push and shove eachother, they talk very loudly about animu, and to sum it all up, they act like like they are three. The worst thing is, they only pay attention to each other and act like me and my other friends don’t exist. I feel embarrassed to be around them. 

Me, my friends, and some of my friend’s parents are sick and tired of this. I wish I could say something, but I don’t want to hurt their feelings. I hope they will wake up, stop their weebish habits, and start being more sane about Hetalia.