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Homestuck Con Tales!

Hello weebstories!
We are a new blog dedicated to carrying on the work of Homestuck con stories. We accept both good and bad stories :)

Mod M: Aw yeah! Thanks, guys! I’ll put up your link.

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Anon: Life Changing Homestucks: A Happy Story

Hello, My name is, Z. (That’s what we’re going with.)

I have been very offended by what I have been seeing about the homestuck fandom, and I’d like to apologize for most of them. Andrew Hussie does NOT endorse ANY sort of Violence, and most of the Homestuck Fandom doesn’t endorse it either. What most of you have experienced is the WORST side of the fandom, and in fact, I’d like to share a lightening story.

As a newer anime/manga/webcomic Fan, and being diagnosed Several times with Depression, and Bulemia, I look very sickly. I went to my first con 6 years ago and didnt have a very good first impression. (I’m the girl who wrote about being molested at age 9 by a very burly hambeast, and my little brother saved me.) I kept going to conventions, not letting that one thing stand in my way. But the second to last convention I went too, I became interested in one girls costume, thinking she looked beautiful. 

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We’ve removed the “Homestuck Assault” story due to many complaints.


I like both MLP and Homestuck 

 but why are people taking that so seriously

it was a single person who signed it as an entire fandom

some people need to chill the fuck out omg

Yesssss, this!! This this this this!!!!

Do you guys think the ENTIRE MLP fandom got together and said, “Let us all post this one fake post to weeaboo stories! Muahahahah! Homestuck and MLP will war forever!” No. This is one buffoon who is big-headed enough to think s/he represents the entire fandom. (Also for all we really know it was a double reach-around and the post on 4chan was actually fake as well, designed to set this up. Who knows?)

We’ve posted things on how one individual does not represent the whole Homestuck fandom. Do we really need to post on how one individual does not represent the whole MLP fandom as well? Do you guys seriously not understand this???

-Mod M

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about you being overflowed with homestuck constories, i set up a tumblr just for that just now!


i’m editing the theme and all that, and opening the submit box as we speak

so all the homestuck stories, terrible or good, can go there!

hopefully this will take all the homestuck stories off your hands 

Mod M: THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM MYSELF AND MOD S!!!!! Guys, please submit your Homestuck stories here, and if we feel they are relevant to our blog, we will reblog it here!! We will still be accepting Homestuck stories but only if there is a weeaboo in the story, and not just a crazy Homestuck fan! Any that do not contain weeaboos will be deleted, sorry guys!

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Good Homestuck Stories.

I am a large part of the Homestuck Fandom. It is only the third fandom I’ve ever really been a part of and I love it so much. I’ve read a few horror stories on this blog about the Homestuck fandom and like Mod M said: not the whole Homestuck Fandom is like that. 

I saw a few good posts so I figured I’d submit a Homestuck one to offset how bad the fandom looks according to this blog.

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Anon: Awesome Sollux

The other year, I went to Dragon Con with a group of friends as human!trolls and troll!kids from Homestuck. I myself was human!Vriska, and was suitably bitchy when in character- but I did apologize if I genuinely offended someone.

We were hanging out with other Homestuck cosplayers, and I’d met this amazing Sollux cosplayer that I was talking to.

Now, this guy was amazing, in character and out of character. But he was also kind of shy. You see, he actually had a lisp. He told me that part of why he was Sollux was because Sollux also had a lisp, and he wouldn’t be made fun of because of it.

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Anon: Creepy Equius

I’m not sure how much this counts ont he site, but it was pretty creepy.
At NYCC this year, I was cosplaying Tavros and my best friend, M, was cosplaying Gamzee. I was in a wheelchair for the Tavros cosplay and M had been helping me navigate the con in it, since it’s a big and cumbersome chair.
Anyway, we went to the Homestuck meetup. The meet up hadn’t officially begun, so M and I were just chilling with a bunch of other fans. We had found some of M’s friends and M was talking to them and some other people. 
And then the kind-of-horror started.

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Dear everyone, about the horrible Homestuck fandom:

Please remember this is actually a minority!! We’ve plenty of awesome people in it, just the stories posted here are horrible because we are WEEABOO STORIES.

We don’t post good stories!!

We post the worst of the fandoms, but what shows up here is not indicative of the entire fandom.  We are not a “good fandom blog”.  

Judging the Homestuck fandom based on the posts shown here is like judging Christianity as a whole based on what you see in the Westboro Baptist Church, or judging all camps based on what you see in Friday the 13th movies!  You can’t judge an entire fandom based on two or three little horror stories.  Yes, they may seem like they happen a lot, but they really don’t, because they are all on one blog— but remember, these are happening around the world.  Out of all the conventions, and all the Homestuck fans/cosplayers, there are only a FEW horror stories.  A FEW.

Please understand this :/

-Mod M

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