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Submit Anon: A True Japanese Weeaboo and her “Yandere” friend

Now usually most of these weeb stories are about hambeasts and rather rude men/women but I was astonished when I meet a weeaboo that was actually Japanese! I met her through my good buddy, Hayate (censoring his name) she had an actually Japanese last name, first name, looked like it and spoke fluent Japanese, and for good measure me and Hayate met her mother, who was Japanese. Now here comes the bad. I myself am a very sweet guy, according to my friends but I always seem to make friends with girls, with the except of Hayate and two other guys ((named Haru and Dante for censorship)) I have zero guy friends, all my friends are girls. Sakura ((the weeb named for her god awful pink hair)) and her friend, Kyoko ((her Yandere friend)) didn’t like that. Now me and my friends are anime fans. Whilst I’m the “Izaya” of the bunch informing every on what’s new. Everyone else watches more than me. So enter Sakura right. She decided to not only take over my role, but shove her favorite character down our throats. She also shoved her yaoi ships down our throats. We didn’t like it enough was enough we sat her down one day and unleashed our wrath, she cried but now she’s a pleasant thing. Kyoko was a different story she was a hurricane she bullied her anime likes and dislikes on everyone especially me, shoe forced CielxSebastian down my throat, a hatred of AmericaxEngland mangosteen other assorted stuff. I learned from Sakura that Her nickname for Kyoko was Mika, because she’s a stalker (yeah it’s one of those stories.) one day I decide to hang out with Kyoko because my mother abandoned me to go to Pasadena for lunch. I invite her to lunch, buy her some pocky, something I do for all my friends, Kyoko didn’t see it that way, she gained a crush on me, soon afterwards she managed to not only find out my home address but also got my cell phone number, my Facebook, my Gaia account, stole my house keys, and my interests. This was getting creepy so I told her I don’t like stalker or girls like her she called me a Tsundere boyfriend and skipped away, now hers the danger. It was Saturday and I was waiting for Hayate at my home because we were gonna go out that day. I wait patiently at my house, playing Harvest moon when I hear a heavy pounding on the door. I open and Hayate runs in holding his arm. I close the door and look at his arm, he was stabbed and slashed, I was freaking out. I know that my neighbor was teeming with thugs but Hayate isn’t the kind of guy to play with them. I asked him what happened and he told me that Kyoko did it, Apparantly she thinks the reason I won’t go out with her is because of Hayate so knowing our plan she decide to come and “scare him” away from me. So I brought her to my house sat her down, had Hayate call the police and got her arrested for assault with a deadly weapon ((which was a kitchen knife for those of you curious)) and that was that I won’t get into the aftermath because it is boring, but I’m just glad that I haven’t seen Kyoko since. Although only recently did I learn that Kyoko acted like that because Her favorite anime characters are Yandere… She she decided to make herself one. Atleast Sakura is now a better person

TL:DR A Japanese weeb and her friend appear, Japanese weeb saved. Weeb’s friend turns into a creepy stalker, stabs friend gets arrested.

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Submit Anon: Attack of the Narudo


Creepy guy: Lets call him Naroodo, since thats how he kept pronoucing it.

Boyfriend: B

Okay, so when i was growing up, there was no such thing as a weeaboo in my school. I’ll admit i am a tad older at 2*, so this was my first, and i hope my last, encounter.

Once a month or so, my boyfriend B and I both get a day off together. We spend it by doing a shopping trip, basic couple stuff. We kind of look weird together, he’s a very scary viking looking guy with a beard, standing at 6’4”, while I’m very tiny at 5’1”.

We stopped at Chapters so i could grab my usual manga to add to my library. We both love anime, but you’d never know it. I tend to dress way younger than i am since i can get away with it. My closet is full of the latest Japanese/Asian fashions, simply because i like it, not because omg nihon is better than everything desu ne~1!!!1. 

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Submit Anon: Destruction of a club


Me - Heart
Friend - Ink
Weeb - Pen
Other people will be refered by as letters

In my freshman year of high school me, my best friend, ink and this girl (who I will call D) created an anime club. And at first we we’re happy as clams, we hauled in a good portion of fellow fans. We wrote fanfiction that we we’re originally gonna post on fanfiction and deviantart, art we would want to post despite the eyes being all wonky and the body being all noodle-like and silly.

Our club held meetings bi-weekly to review anime, draw, write and do as we please. I loved it, it was an escape from my previous expirences in school. I was a writer and wrote fanfiction (I still have my account on FF) Ink drew, and D reviewed. Everything was fine until May of that year rolled around.

This girl had transferred from the Midwest to our coastal town. At first she was shy and didn’t talk but D and Ink brought her in. At first she was what I’d call a blank slate, someone with no particular interest in anything. She listened to what was popular, watched mainly news and whatever was on. And dressed plainly.

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Submit Anon: How could you hate Japan, Grandpa-San!?

During my Father’s final days of his life, I spent much of my time after school with my mother, visiting him in the nursing home. My mother and I would often comfort him, and just be with him. He would often fall asleep around 4 or 5:30 and it was around that time that I met a World War II veteran (who I will name Joe.) now Joe was a fun guy, he was in a wheelchair and often sat around drinking coffee. I would often visit his room after my father fell asleep to ask him about his service to the military (espically since I love history from 1800’s -1950’s) he told me about The pacific theater, and he also told about his guilt about not being able to forgive the Japanese. I often told the man that it was fine.

Now one day I had just tucked my father in, my mother was filling some forms and I decided to see Joe, he was in his room playing solitaire, he asked if I wanted to play some cards. I agreed adm we began to play Poker, Black Jack, and to my surprise Speed. Throughout the games he told about his buddies(who I will name Larry, James and Coco) about how they were schoolmates and how they died. He also mentioned his wife,(who I will name Merry) Then I was about to go check to see if my mother was done and as I’m leaving Joe’s room I see a family of four in the doorway. And they seem pretty normal a middle aged woman, a tired looking man, a young boy no older than 10 or 11, and a girl (who will be call White). I stared for a while before apologizing. Stating I was merely keeping the old man company. I looked at them then at White, she looked like she fell in a big box of anime merchandise, she had a shirt that had Miku on the front, her jeans had Rin and Len painted on the side, her white sneaker were painted with assorted anime characters. And she wore several necklaces around her neck, I could recongnize as Ciel’s pentagram, Edward Elric, one being the Vongola cloud ring on a chain.mthe most surprising part for me was that she was far from a hambeast, she was actually kind of hot.

I walked outside to check and my mother told me to wait since she was talking to a nurse. I went back to see White showing her grandfather Japanese magazine. White also said something in broken Japanese which went along the lines of “The Japanese are so KAWAII and sugoi, plus all the men are hot! And the women are pretty.”

Joe looked stressed he spoke to White. He told her he didn’t care about the Japanese, he didn’t want to know, he wanted to forget. I looked around for White’s mother… She was nowhere to be seen, all I saw was White little brother, right behind me. He asked
“Mister… Why do you visit my grandpa?” I answered honestly and then Joe called me in “Anon, please come here.” I walked in and Joe grabbed me by the arm. He opened his mouth and spoke to White.

" You see this young man, White? This young man? He has been visiting for a while now and he does not force me to like a race that I dislike. He knows I feel bad but he doesn’t care he does not FORCE me to like them." he then let go of me. white began to sputter nonsense and how she was “helping" her grandfather “get over" his guilt. When I said something in his defense she turned to me, looked at me with the eyes of a dead shark and slapped me across the face.

I didn’t want to start nothing so I just left. Ask was leaving I looked back at Joe’s room White’s mother looked angry beyond belief.

I kept visiting Joe even after my Father’s death in early spring. He died about a month and a half after my father’s death, he died in his sleep and luckily he is in the same cemetery as my father. I saw White once, she was wearing normal clothes save for the the pink plaid skirt with a patch of A Cheshire cat like anime character.

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Submit Anon: Being a Weeaboo’s Shota

I was in my final year of middle school, 6th and 7th grade had crushed my soul, I was severely bullied because of my docile nature and the fact that I always wore hoodies, no matter what weather. I was very shy and quiet at that time.

My mother at that time wanted to move, my father did not want to move anywhere. So my mother decided to leave without him she left and took me to Utah to live with Auntie Clara, and my very American cousins. The town they were in was nothing but suburbs, and that drove a big city boy like me wild.

My auntie made me and my mother feel very welcome, I was happy, I finally got a clean slate, my crybaby scaredy-cat reputation wasn’t going to follow me. I was soon enrolled into the nearby middle school. I was introduced to the class and was call cute and stuff (compared to everyone else I was really short)

Then everything went downhill when I met a girl, (Who I will call Lune) Me being very shy and quiet I spent time in the library, both the school and public library. I would often gather some 5 or so book stack them on a desk and read until my mother or aunt came to pick me up (my aunt was helping my mother get a job so instead of lazing around I asked to be dropped off at libraries and such.) one day I was sitting in the library and I had just finished reading Dicken’s Pickwick Papers and Stephen King’s Carrie (I always read more mature books, another reason I was bullied) When Lune and her friends who I will call N and E
came into the library.

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This wig is SO my real hair.

Okay, so here’s a little… gem that I’m sure will get some laughs from pure ridiculousness.

So, I was 17 when this happened, last year. I’m average height, kind of skinny and at the time had shoulder-length blonde hair. It was late summer in Texas and RIDICULOUSLY hot. I was hosting a campout at a local lake.

By saying it’s hot, I mean like Satan hovering over you and breathing fire hot. We’d had a drought and the lake water levels were low and we had to rig some shade and everything. It was ridiculous, but fun.

A friend of mine, we’ll call him Pres, asked to invite his friend who we shall call Yu. Since that’s supposedly her name… part of it, at least.

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“Aya Psycho le Cemu Mix Speakers Inc lolita j-rock custom plushie doll - kawaii!”

I’ll just leave this here.

Aya Psycho le Cemu Mix Speakers Inc lolita j-rock custom plushie doll - kawaii!”

I’ll just leave this here.

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Submit: Anon


Not sure if trolling or not, but I decided to put it here.

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Submit Anon: Freshman Weeaboo

Hello! I’m back, this being the girl who was a former weeb and hit on by a creepy fifteen year old. Well, now I am a freshman and I had freshman registration day, to which a met and unintentionally befriended a weeaboo.

Let’s start off with a small intro: So, at my high school, the freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors all have to go register for the upcoming school year a week before the actual start of school. It’s pretty fun, you get to meet some old friends, make new ones, grab snacks, get your ID card picture taken, and a tour around the campus. Now, we all have to go at a certain time due to our last name, mine just so happens to start with the letter “C”, so I was there at around eight in the morning.

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Mask Horror

Came from eBay

Who the hell would buy this?!

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