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Submit Anon: We Shall Never Return


I think I have a story I could share. It’s certainly not the worst on here, but it’s not pleasant either.

Scene: ‘Hyper-Japan’ Anime Convention, London. Me + 2 of my friends. We’re all 16, and it’s our first Con.

TW: Sexual Harassment, General Creepiness

Okay, let’s begin. My 2 friends names are A and B. We brought A’s little sister too; she’s 13, and we’ll call her C.

I’ve known A and B for years, and we’re best friends. They got into anime when they were around 14, but have kept it under control due to both of them being pretty shy. I got into games and pets instead, but I have no problem with anime.

They asked me to come with them to the Con, and I happily agreed, looking forward to getting to see something they were so excited about. A’s little sister wanted to come too, since she got into anime pretty quick because of her older sis watching it. We all piled into the car of B’s dad, and got there early. 

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Submit Anon: Some weebs I have known

A small disclaimer/trigger warning: A little racist weeb, and one who doesn’t respect gender, or know that you shouldn’t joke about rape.

Hi! Here’s some encounters I’ve had with weebs in the past.

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Submit Anon: It’s Just a Joke

Here is a little back story which pertains to the main event: I went out to lunch with my best friend and upon signing the receipt, I wrote my first name twice instead of first and last name. My best friend thought this was hilarious and laughed really hard for about fifteen minutes before squealing, “It sounds like a bad anime nickname!” She then said my first name twice and added “Senpai” onto the end of it. As of today, my Facebook name is my first name twice, with Senpai, and then my last name. It’s just a joke. My friends and I do not use any Japanese titles with each other seriously. 

Here is the main story: 

My name in this story will be “Dog.” 

Friend One is “Fish Guy.”

Friend Two is “Bro.”

The weeaboo is “Garlic.” 

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Submit Anon: My IRLMadoHomu

Hang there friends, this one is a doozie. It happened really recently too. (I’m in 7th grade) I apologize that it’s so long.

Weeb: Twi

Me: Homura

Friend : Madoka

Tw: Sexual Harassment

My first run in with her was around the beginning of the year in first period. (This part is sorta slow, but bare with me) I remember I was trying to have a conversation with my friend Madoka when I feel someone’s breath on my neck. I turn around to see this tall, awkward girl who, in this high, squeaky voice exclaims, “Ahh! Kawaii! A real life loli!” Presumably she meant my friend, who is short and freckled with blond ringlets. Then, she turns to me and says, “Omg, are you Japanese?” Now, this was bizarre. I am half-Punjabi Indian, but at first glance I just look white. I said nothing to insinuate I had ever lived there, so I’m still baffled as to why she asked. I politely said no, and asked her name. “Twi nya!”Oh dear, I wish I were making this up. Judging by her looks and the anime pins on her bag, I just assumed she was in a mild weeb stage. I made a joke about how when I was new like her this school reminded me of Ouran to please her. She screeched at the reference and asked my favorite anime. I replied FMAB, only to receive a “NOOOOOO, not KAWAII AT ALL1!1!1!” I shrugged. Then, came the dreaded question. The question itself was not too bad: “Are you two yuris”(I’m bi) But what it caused, Jesus take the wheel it was bad. I told her no, we had been friends since kindergarten. She pouted and said we were just being tsundere, and that we were her little MadoHomu. Ugh, I should have just told her off then.

To be nice, we let her join our table. She really wasn’t that bad, besides the whole MadoHomu thing. She was constantly trying to force me on her, and vice versa, it was really annoying, but we felt bad for her. We let her come over to out house since she had no friends to hand out with (poor girl). We would watch anime and talk about it, and even though Madoka wasn’t really a fan she put up with it because she loved the style. One time, after she had been seeing us for a month or two, she invited us to her house. That’s when it all went to hell. We started watching this title we never heard of and…. oh Lord, it was hentai. She kept pointing to the two girls on the screen, yelling “Do that! Be like that! Homu-chan, you be the seme!” Madoka was very very innocent and just sat there in wide-eyed horror. I was having a huge panic attack, and I’m still mad at myself for not coming to her rescue. After poor Madoka fell asleep, Twi started forcing herself on me, trying to grope me and kiss my neck, saying all this shit about how “If the loli won’t take you, I will” I was freaking out, trying not to cry, completely frozen in fear. I finally came to my senses, used a self-defense technique I learned on Tumblr to flip her off of me and called her mom. Thankfully I got to go home and we didn’t see her for weeks. She kept spamming us on our social media and text with nudes and hentai; no matter how much we blocked her she kept making new accounts and even bribed other kids to do it. The nudes evolved into death threats, and there was a rumor that one day she brought a knife to school. Thank God she was expelled, good riddance.

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Submit Anon: Weeaboo House Quest

So awhile ago I found out that there would be a fan expo some place close to where I live, which doesn’t happen often because I live in a part of Saskatchewan with a lot of small towns. Anyways when my online friend who is a weeb (we’ll call her A) found out that there was one I told her that she could come with me.

Now she isn’t exactly an online friend, I knew her when she used to be in my town. We both wen through our weeaboo phase together; bad cosplay in the street, learning japanese dances (I was actually okay at them , not to brag…but I memorized a lot while she didn’t bother to practice), pretending to be people from Soul Eater, and posting shitty anime videos on youtube. I got out of my weeaboo phase before her, then I helped cure her of her weebi-ness. Well, as soon as she moved she got back into her weeaboo phase.

Anyways. The fan expo hasn’t happened yet but she asked if she could bring a few friends along, I didn’t know any of them so we all met up at my house so I could get to know them.

Bad idea.

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Submit Anon: Her “Kawaii-Chan”

Goku: Weeb
H: Me
So I have a weeb story that is has become a middle school choir legend. My weeb story starts when I was 11 years old. I had discovered Hatsune Miku one night, and I barreled into a mild weeb stage. I liked anime and mangas (I actually LOVED mangas), had been drawing anime style since I was 9, was fascinated by the language, and loved the culture and fashion. I’ve always liked cute things, and that was one of the main elements that drew me into becoming a weeb. I was very hygienic and polite. I kept to myself about anime, and have always had exaggerated movements (This is important, I promise) . I was a petite (5 foot and 93 lbs) girl when the horror story begins. On my first day of school, I headed into the choir room and sat down. I knew a few girls from the year previous, and knew some from my church, so I sat near them. We did typical first day introduction games, and when I was asked if there was something unique about me. I thought for a moment and then replied that I could speak Japanese. This interested people, and I was asked to say something. I politely introduced myself and asked how they were doing. This proved to them that I could indeed speak Japanese. A larger girl in the risers interrupts me as I explain to them what I had said. I’m going to call her Goku, as this was her favorite character. Goku interjects that she too can speak Japanese, but doesn’t want to speak any right now. I made a mental note of this, and a few days later, I went to talk to her. I asked if she could truly speak Japanese, and when she replied that she had learned from anime, we struck up a conversation about anime, manga, and vocaloid. Goku also loved all of these things, and we became fast friends.

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Submit Anon: Well… This Exists, You Guys.

Okay, so I was on dA, you know, like the loser I am… and I came across some *coughcough* interesting artwork. I’m not gonna give any links, the person’s username, or any pictures because I don’t want to humiliate the person. But anyway, this is the actual, legit description of the post. I am dead serious.

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A friend of mine liked and commented on this… I love anime, but the weebishness of this post is just… Oh god.

A friend of mine liked and commented on this… I love anime, but the weebishness of this post is just… Oh god.

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Submit Anon: NekoCanadaChan, nya~!

This is the story of me, who I will call “Oogie”, my friend, who I will call “S”, and a horrible weeb,  who I wil call “NekoCanadaChan.”

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