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We’ve removed the “Homestuck Assault” story due to many complaints.


I like both MLP and Homestuck 

 but why are people taking that so seriously

it was a single person who signed it as an entire fandom

some people need to chill the fuck out omg

Yesssss, this!! This this this this!!!!

Do you guys think the ENTIRE MLP fandom got together and said, “Let us all post this one fake post to weeaboo stories! Muahahahah! Homestuck and MLP will war forever!” No. This is one buffoon who is big-headed enough to think s/he represents the entire fandom. (Also for all we really know it was a double reach-around and the post on 4chan was actually fake as well, designed to set this up. Who knows?)

We’ve posted things on how one individual does not represent the whole Homestuck fandom. Do we really need to post on how one individual does not represent the whole MLP fandom as well? Do you guys seriously not understand this???

-Mod M

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