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Mod M: Episode nine is out. Woohoo!! I have been waiting for it!!!

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Anon: *purrr* I’m part Cat…

A few years ago a couple of friends and I went to Anime Weekend Atlanta. My friend and I decided to go as Selphie and Kairi (in their school uniforms) from Kingdom Hearts 2 while our other friend went as I think either Pyramid Head or young Scissor Man (can’t remember since it was a long time ago and there has been a TON of costumes since then lol!). Overall we were all pretty proud of our hard work on our costumes and for once I actually felt pretty good about myself because I’ve never worn anything so girly before. I was also deciding that maybe i should cosplay as more girls than boys.

Until the creeper came…

We were walking through the dealer’s room and this guy, he was skinny and sort of good looking from far away, just comes up to me and puts his arm around my shoulders and starts making this disgusting sound from his throat into my ear. Before I could even say anything he smirked and said, “You know…I’m part cat. Isn’t that sexy? See? I can purr…” then he continued to make the disgusting noises! He had cat ears and a belled collar on and all black clothes. His breath stunk to high heaven too…
My friends didn’t really pay much attention to him but laughed to themselves ever so often.
All I could really get out was, “Oh..Interesting..I’m sure..” because back then I was a VERY shy person especially around strangers since I had just moved to Georgia the previous year. 
It took a few minutes of him hanging on me and more awkward purring before we finally escaped him amd never saw him the rest of the con.

That was the last time I EVER wore a skirt for a costume at a con, much less dressed as a girly girl character. The next few years after that I dressed up as male characters and I haven’t had a problem like that since.

Mod M: I’m sorry that turned you away from female characters :( I don’t blame you, though!!

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i’m not sure if this counts as a weeaboo story, but i guess i’ll share anyways.

i have a friend who i’ll call C. i met her in the beginning of the year and being a high school freshman i wanted to make friends with everyone i could. we talked for a bit and since then became well-acquainted.

a few weeks later i discover she likes reading manga and drawing anime. sometimes we talked about different shows or our favorite characters. i was glad i met a sane anime fan. although C occasionally acts weeaboo-ish, i put that aside since i’m sure a lot of people go through that phase. i also figured she would just grow out of it.

anyways, last week C went to an anime convention. when i saw her at school she was wearing a lanyard covered in buttons from different animes. she was also wearing a purple kitty hat. i didn’t think too much of this, so i approached her and said, “hey C, cool hat.” she responded with shouting out, “NYA NYA NYA, NYA, NYA NYA~!” everyone kept staring at us with wtf faces x__x. also if someone touched one of her cat ears she would whimper and say, “you hurt my ear!” and hide from them.

at the end of the day, i think she realized how painful that situation was for everyone (including herself) and hasn’t worn the kitty hat to school since :).

Mod M Note: Good to see she at least realized no one liked how she was acting!  

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As requested, we present to you, Nyan~Neko Sugar Girls.

While most of you have seen it (and grown to love it), we welcome you newbs to watch it.

This is the only warning you will receive :’) Good luck, soldiers.

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poor garfield, he got banned :( 

poor garfield, he got banned :(