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We are ALIVE!

I’m caught up from all my post-convention shennanigans and find myself on Easter break! Lord knows (once again) where Mod S has gone while I was gone, but here I am and I am filling the queue as we speak!

Soooo sorry for the long hiatus guys!!!! I really thought she would update since she started again!!!!! OTL;;;

-Mod M

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This was a youtube comment on a video about how to make an eyepatch for a Ciel Phantomhive cosplay…
I just… Okay..?

This was a youtube comment on a video about how to make an eyepatch for a Ciel Phantomhive cosplay…

I just… Okay..?

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Miss Anon’s Day THREE of a Four Day Weeb Horror

Part: 124

The next morning, I was in unspeakable pain. I had marched the entire parade in a sneaking, crouching position as Scout the day before, and I was feeling the consequences. Add that to about a thousand stairs, the equivalent of probably a few miles of walking, my foot getting stomped on, and my blisters, my thighs and my feet were so stiff and painful! Godmother and I regained consciousness around the same time, so we left our slightly deeper-sleeping bedmates to rest a while longer while we went down to the hotel’s free continental breakfast, Godmother being in desperate need of life-giving coffee.

We hung out down there for a little while, had our breakfast, and went back up to the room. It was going to take us a few hours to get everyone in costume and makeup for the debut of our group cosplay, so we roused the girls and got started.

Sometime during the past two days, Guest had asked us about what other cosplays we were planning. One of the cosplays I’d done last year and was greatly looking forward to doing again, I was too afraid to do because of her. Godmother had, the year before, lent me her Dexter (of Dexter’s Laboratory) cosplay, and I loved it so much that she re-did it for me to wear this year.

Dexter happened to be one of the two components of Guest’s favorite pairing – the same one depicted in her fanart and fanfic – and SHE was poorly cosplayed as the other – Mandark. Even a few weeks before the con, talking to her online, when she found out who I was playing, she started hinting that she wanted some slash pics with me.

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Don’t Weeb and Play With Scissors

Just know that this post is gonna get pretty long. Sorry about that, but it does cover the worst of the worst I’ve encountered.

For identity-hiding sake, let’s call her J.J. JJ was truly a spectacle to behold. She was a hambeast to the extreme and often times bragged about it. By bragging I mean she constantly went around telling people that their water was getting cut off (it wasn’t, but apparently this gave her the excuse not to shower) and that all of her clothes were bought from ebay (another lie; her grandmother was a prominent member of the community and made enough money to buy her dept. store clothes). She honestly smelled so bad, it was like…she was trying to use baby powder to cover up the stench. She was greasy-faced, straggly, straw-like hair, and had uber-pale skin that only stood out because of her super blotchy acne.

I met her in 6th grade when she moved from New York all the way down here to the South, and although I was a bit of closet weeaboo myself at the time(in that, I never revealed to anyone in public my love for anime, but once you got me home or at a friend’s house, I kinda exploded into weeaboo fangirl mode whenever anime was brought up), but I was easily overshadowed by her massive weeaboo-ness. She loved all things anime/manga and only played videogames that dealt with anime series. She was a yaoi fangirl to the extreme, often times telling me she was going to buy a y-paddle and bring it to school so she could spank my friends and I. To give a time-frame, all of this happened sometime before and after Final Fantasy X-2 was released. If there was anything she obsessed about it was Final Fantasy. She would regularly make comments about Tidus and how OMGHAWT he was and made strange, inappropriate comments about his junk. She loved reading doujinshi which is where her folder pics always came from. Honestly, to me, she seemed normal at first because she was really quiet and withdrawn and only spoke up in class a few times. I had transferred schools so none of my old anime buddies were with me, just the normal folk I hung around with that had no idea of anime hobbies. One day in Math class, JJ makes a comment that relates to anime…no one gets it, not even me. She then explains that she likes anime and manga, and our math teacher being the hilarious guy he is was all like, *smile* “…I don’t care, let’s get back to Math!” So after class, I decide to go and talk to her…biggest mistake of my life. Then ensued all the things I mentioned above. At first I thought she was just eccentric and I was in no position to pass up friends with similar interests, so I put up with the random shit she said and did, even if I got into trouble because of it. I even invited her to spend the night with me. She began looking at my family albums as my mother had pulled them out for some airing and dusting off. She began to get all emo and said she wished her life could be as amazing as mine was. I began to feel sympathy for her until later I found out nothing was wrong with her, just that her grandparents didn’t understand her and all that mess. Her mother had apparently sent her from New York hoping she would grow out of her phase by mingling with some new people. Swing and a miss, mom.

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Anon: How to Speak Japanese, desu

Found this on a daily internet routine:


Yes, you are all welcome here.
As you can read in my signature, I want to learn Japanese, and I’m not goofing off. I use mango languages, but I don’t like that way. I want to learn Japanese as if it were a first language, and think of the image, not the word, when I hear something in Japanese. So here are some tips to learn Japanese:
1). Emerge yourself in the language. Try to speak more Japanese and less Englishwhich is nearly impossible with school, but when possible
2). Listen to many YouTube videos at a time singing/speaking in Japanese, watch a lot of subbed animes. NOT DUBBED. It really helps. In fact, I learned most of Japanese from that, such as “Kero,”  ’Baka,” “Doshde?” “Dos-ka?” and a lot more. 
3). Emerge yourself in images and the words. Not just a simple translator. 

So here is my idea for Japanese learners: post a word or sentence, then post pictures to go along with it, and others will know what the sentence means. Please make sure the pictures are in order with the words. This helps with sentence syntax (if you don’t know what that means I’m not telling you, that’s what Google is for) and associating the word with the PICTURE. Don’t take classes that spend up your electives and force you to take tedious classes. You learned your first language by just looking at images and speaking with others. 

Often, I am extremely jealous of Japanese-speaking people, so this is my chance to prove I don’t have to sit in the corner wishing I was born in Japan, and if you’re still reading this I bet you are, too! Also, you can introduce (appropriate, mind you) subbed anime for us all to watch. 

After everyone is pretty good with speaking, I’ll make another post for writing Japanese ^^. 

Thanks for reading, I should let you go do stuff now! 

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Anon: I Love Scene Boys and Girls

Hey, again. It’s me, the same anon who wrote about ‘T,’ the weeb who grabbed my chest in anime club. I actually had two pedophilic stalkers last year, and now I’m here to share with you the story of the second one. 
It was around late January- early Febuary when I met him. C, my savior in the last story, had told me he’d met this pretty chill anime fan to hang out with at lunch and where they hung out if I ever felt like seeing him. So the next day I decided to meet C’s new friend. 
I’m met face to face with two seniors this Hambeast and guess who else? T, from the last story. C looked so horribly out of place. My fashionable, 6’3, pierced up, dyed hair C was hanging out with these two creeps. I already knew how horrid T was, but I looked at the other guy(let’s call him H) and thought, ‘Hey, can’t judge a book by his cover…or smell.’ So I sat down next to C and didn’t make any eye contact with T. 
I thought that H was pretty nice at first. He didn’t seem weeblike at all, and I could see why C was friends with him. We both thought H was a cool guy. He was bisexual, nice, always gave his friends gifts on holidays and was just a great guy, except for his smell. One day H asked me what I thought of T, and I told him all about T. The next day, T wasn’t hanging out with us anymore. C asked H what happened and H said, “T is a douchebag and I don’t need my two vulpixes around such people.”


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Anon: Yaoi crack pairing!

I was browsing youtube when I stumbled upon a Hetalia AMV involving the pairing RusGer. Among the comments claiming that it was a ‘crack pairing’, I found one that said: “It’s a crack pairing because they’re both seme(s)”.

Fandumb logic at its finest.

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i’m not sure if this counts as a weeaboo story, but i guess i’ll share anyways.

i have a friend who i’ll call C. i met her in the beginning of the year and being a high school freshman i wanted to make friends with everyone i could. we talked for a bit and since then became well-acquainted.

a few weeks later i discover she likes reading manga and drawing anime. sometimes we talked about different shows or our favorite characters. i was glad i met a sane anime fan. although C occasionally acts weeaboo-ish, i put that aside since i’m sure a lot of people go through that phase. i also figured she would just grow out of it.

anyways, last week C went to an anime convention. when i saw her at school she was wearing a lanyard covered in buttons from different animes. she was also wearing a purple kitty hat. i didn’t think too much of this, so i approached her and said, “hey C, cool hat.” she responded with shouting out, “NYA NYA NYA, NYA, NYA NYA~!” everyone kept staring at us with wtf faces x__x. also if someone touched one of her cat ears she would whimper and say, “you hurt my ear!” and hide from them.

at the end of the day, i think she realized how painful that situation was for everyone (including herself) and hasn’t worn the kitty hat to school since :).

Mod M Note: Good to see she at least realized no one liked how she was acting!