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Submit Anon: Why NOT to Cosplay as Len!

Me: Len
Girlfriend: Rin
Friend 1: Miku
Friend 2: Kaito
Friend 3: Meiko
Friend 4: Luka
We went as these characters.

So I was in 8th grade, and had just started dating Rin (still am) and we were really into Vocaloid, and so were my friends, espicially my best friends Miku and Kaito. The six of us decided that we wanted to go to a convention, and we decided that we’d go as the ‘Main’ Vocaloids. (Miku, Rin, Len, Luka, Kaito, and Meiko.) We all made our costumes and they all looked pretty nice. We had all bought wigs, ‘cept for Meiko, because she already had simmilar hair to Meiko’s. The first day went off without a hitch. We all hung out together and got asked for some pictures. Now, I’d heard rumors of Cons and Hambeasts, but I didn’t think they were telling the truth. It seemed that I was right because no Hambeast disturbed us. The group got 2 different rooms in a hotel that were connected, because we had planned to spend three days there. On the second day, it was like the first day, except for one point straight in the middle of it. I was just talking to my friends, when suddenly I smell something like what would happen if you mixed skunk spray and sweat. Then somebody grabs on to me from behind and screams, “LEN-TANNNNNNN.” I actually fell down, crumbling to their weight. Once I had gotten up, I looked behind me. Before me stood the definition of a hambeast. Greasy hair, smell and stained ‘cosplay’ all pointed it out. She was a ‘Rin,’ I think. She had a shitty wig and a Kagemine Rin shirt on, spouting something mostly english, but with some broken Japanese mixed in. All I understood was, ’ Watsahi wa trying to find cosplay as good as watashi. You have cosplay just as good as watashi-chan.’ Then she saw Rin and said, ‘Ditch that baka for kawaii loli watashi-chan.’ Me and my friends are all thinking that she’s mentally insane weeaboo, which she was. I told her, “I already have a girlfriend and am not looking for someone. Especially not at an anime convention.” Then sjhe freaked out and pulled me away from my friends and putting my face against her boobs and saying, “Does that feel good?” I would have normally punched her in the face, but she got me stuck. Then she took it too far.
She started reaching her hand down into my boxers and I just freaked out and tried to knee her in the stomach, but I couldn’t, because I was stuck.
But everything was fine after that because the security came in and took her off of me with about 3 people. She then got arrested. The con was ruined for that day, but the next day, Rin helped me have fun, but I was still traumatized, and to this day, still haven’t worn that Len cosplay. It’s been a year since then.

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Submit Anon: The Purple Wig Girl

I never thought I’d end up actually having to submit a story to this blog, especially considering that I’ve had relatively tame con experiences in the past. However, something happened at a con last summer that’s been bothering me a lot and I think It’s time I shared it in proper detail, in case someone has shared a similar experience.

TW: Sexual Harassment

TL;DR - A girl likes my cosplay a little too much.

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Hetalia Panel featuring surprise guest

Hi, everyone I just want to start out by saying I did go through my weeaboo phase and then my hetalia phase. This is also a more tame story than some of the others I’ve seen and it will be long sorry.

Names have been changed.

I’ve just recently stopped cosplaying because of a lack of interest but I had been doing it for years prior to this story. We begin with a facebook group where I was one of a few homestucks among hetalians and I still liked hetalia a lot more. I was going to attend a local con with several cosplays including minotaur!tavros. I had spent several weeks constructing and perfecting digitigrade stilts to look more realistic. About a week before the con I get a message from one of my hetalia friends who is an utter weeb. She wanted me to be a surprise character in her panel to show the hetalia/homestuck war was over. I agreed.

This was a mistake.

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Submit Anon: Apparently I’m An “Anime Man”

I am a multi-racial, gender-neutral teenager (born female). I was born in Southern Minato, Tokyo, Japan, despite being only half Japanese. I was raised in Caracas, Venezuela, which is a small, relatively isolated South American country. The majority of my homeland’s population is mixed race, and I was never questioned based on my appearance or origins.

Recently, I took a trip to the United States as part of my engineering course-work. As a self-admitted anime and manga fan, I decided to attend a local convention, having never had the option to visit a con while in Venezuela. Having cosplayed on multiple occasions before, I was more than prepared for this convention and was quite excited to attend. I used one of my old cosplays, Belial from “Angel’s Sanctuary" (a rather androgynous character to begin with).

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Submit Anon: Weeb at Meetup

So I like to go to these local cool meetups at this meet up anime shop. I go with my friends to cosplay, talk, and just a really fun time and meet new people. I was going to be there with my two best friends R and J. R was with her other friends talking about Hetalia which I don’t care for anymore, and J was talking with people about video games. So i’m walking around in my Ciel cosplay that I had just finished and I was so proud it was the first cosplay I made all by myself. I was having a good time walking around trying to buy something till someone i’ll call Weeby came up to me.

I shouldn’t even say came up to me more like running up and throwing their arms around me and screaming “CIEEEL!!!” I should mention I was standing sideways and the character has an eye patch, so when I was standing on the side I was thrown off by Weeby and it scared me super bad. I was a little angry and said “Would you just get off me now.” In a stern voice, so Weeby backed off and she was wearing a shitty Milanoo costume of Hatsune Miku cosplay that was made of satin, and a wig that was waay too dark! Also the tank top like top made her armpits easier to smell which made me want to gag. 

So I ended up walking away and finding some stuff to look at. Weeby just followed behind me like nobodies business and I was super confused because she didn’t understand that I didn’t want her near me? I started to go to my friend R who was talking with the Hetalians (which most of the group are really nice people) And of course she had to be annoying. “OH CIEL DESUUU! YOU CAME FROM IGGYLAND!!!” She practically screamed and I was just so done. 

So later on the day I sat down with my friends R and J as I took off my eye patch to get a break and to see better again. Of course Weeby had to say something. “Ceil-kun put that back on!! you don’t want them to see your eye!” I couldn’t believe this kid! She thought I was the real Ciel which was creeping me out. Then it happened. My point when I broke. She came out to me with pocky and stuffed an end in mouth, I could barley think and she started to eat the other end trying to kiss me! I spit it and jumped up. 

"Get the hell away from me you creep!" I said super pissed. Of course Weeby just said, "Calm done Ciel-kun! I’ll get Sebby-kun to give you yaoiz!" She smiled and I was angry. My friends started telling her off and then she finally left. Their hasn’t been  a meetup yet and I hope I don’t see her at the the next.

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I want to start off by saying that I use to be a weaboo myself. I read my first manga at the age of 10 and started to really get into anime around the age of 12. I use to have dreams about being a manga artist (basicaly drawing shitty fanart) and living in Japan and yes I use to use honorifics (-san, -chan, etc), but I only acted this way at home, but not at school because there wasn’t many people who liked anime and I usually kept things to myself (I was a shy and quiet kid). When I was in High school I calmed my tits down (I still love anime and manga to this day, but I’m more mature about it) and made some friends who also liked anime and manga. Things were pretty good!  The story I’m about to tell you is in college. It’s probably not as extreme as some of the other weeaboo stories, but I felt that this is still weeaboo material. I apologize because this story is long.

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Submit Anon: Hurricane Weeablitist

Note: VERY long.

Weeablitist: Weeaboo + Elitist

Elitists are often absolute asswipes. Weeaboos on the extreme side of the scale are a pain in the ass. Blend the two together and you have one of the most nightmarish combinations that an Anime Club could possibly face. My friends and I have given this series of events many names, but one that probably sticks the most of Hurricane Weeablitist.


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Submit Anon: Weeaboo of Some Degree.

I am no stranger to weeaboos, myself. I have already passed over that thankfullyshort phase back when I was twelve. Since I have crossed paths with the Hellish fans on multiple occasions, I have grown to be patient and quite passive to those I meet. There is only one exception to this.

We will call the tenth-grade defendant “Neko,” since she is generally caught wearing cat ears to school. I did not know of Neko until late last year, when I saw her in the art wing wearing a bright pink wig resembling something you would purchase from a Halloween store. Assuming it was a joke, I shrugged it off, until I continually noticed her throughout the hall wearing differently coloured, but equally terrifying wigs. Unfortunately, I quickly noticed that she defined every weeaboo aspect; poor hygiene, unkempt hair, Milanoo-esque clothing and a pair of eyebrows that could put Frida Kahlo to shame. I asked a few of my friends if they have seen her at all, and not surprisingly, they have as well. Neko usually found herself being the butt end of the joke among my close friends as we have never experienced a weeaboo of such calibre at our own school. It was amusing, until she approached my friend’s sister, whom we will call Violet. Violet was a fellow anime fan, and used to occasionally wear the stray anime shirt to school. You see, this is past tense for a reason.
Neko started off with complimenting Violet here and there, and was generally no issue until Violet wore a shirt of Neko’s favourite anime. It was during class when Neko began to snap at Violet claiming, “That shirt is mine! Take it off!” Of course Violet told her no, and as she was going to turn away, Neko attempted to literallywrestle the shirt off of Violet. Violet managed to shake her off and quickly leave, and according to a few students, Neko began to tell her fellow weeaboo friends that the shirt was rightfully hers, and that Violet stole it from her.

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The pro-life weeb

Now before I begin, let me just make this clear, I am staunchly pro-choice, pro-family, and pro-adoption. I respect a woman’s right to choose if she wants an abortion, adoption, or keeping a child, and will remain in this stance, due to personal experience with my family. But even so, I do respect some pro-lifers, and their reasons why they might be so. And by respect, I mean tolerate, because damn, I’ve met the good, the bad and the really ugly.

Now here’s where you’re probably asking why I’m submitting this to a weeaboo horror story blog. Well, sit down in a chair, kiddies, this is gonna get hairy.

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Submit Anon: Weebs Vs Trans Group

So this is the story where two weebs completely ruined a transgender support group I went to.

I don’t know who invited them, as it is (was) a closed group and you usually have to be invited in order to be there. Anyway I’m going to give these two some aliases. Since one of them chose his name after a fictional character because he really likes the avengers, I’m going to call him venge. The other one will just go by T as they didn’t really have a set name.

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