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Submit Anon: How I Was Bullied Out Of Being A Weeb

Just a warning, this is hella long and some instances of severe bullying.  I’m sorry.

My weeaboo phase lasted for a pretty long time but I was relatively sane.  My w-phase started from fifth grade and didn’t truly end till the summer before ninth grade.  I had a friend who basically introduced anime to me outside of Sailor Moon, Pokemon, and Digimon and other Saturday morning cartoons.  She shortly moved before the beginning of sixth grade and I was basically thrown to the sharks as I had no other friends besides her in a school where I knew no one.

I started to read more manga more then ever because it reminded me of my friend and how much I missed her.  I often brought manga to school and would read it at lunch or before class and sometimes, if I could get away with it, during class.  I admit that I should’ve taken more showers at that point but I didn’t reek of death.  I only spoke Japanese honorifics because I thought they were cute, but only to certain people.  I wore some anime related stuff, but most stayed at home.

Now, at this point of my life, I was extremely shy.  I kept to myself and while I desperately wanted a friend, I just couldn’t work up the courage to actually talk to someone.  Then, like a godsend, a new girl, who we’ll call A, transferred into my class from another class (school schedule mixed up or something? I’m not sure why) and since I was so shy at the time I sat away from the others and I had a open desk next to me.  A sits down next to me and she smiles at me.  Feeling hopeful, I smile back and give her a small “Hi”.

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Creepy Weeb from OKCupid can’t take no for an answer

So, this story starts on OKCupid, the breeding ground for inappropriate, creepy men, and how I met the creepiest, most inappropriate one of the bunch. Oh, and of course he is a weeaboo.

He messaged me with “Hi :)” and I checked out his profile. His pictures were of him in Assassin’s Creed and Ash Ketchum cosplay and he said some pretty weird ass shit on his page like “i will always be there for my friends no mather what, after all…i made a promise to her that i would…” and about he is the “nicest person you will ever meet”, how he is a Pokemon master, etc etc. I thought it was weird but whatever, I’d try to talk to him.

On my profile I have it set to “Looking for: Friendship, Short Term Dating, and Casual Sex”, but he only seemed to be interested in a friendship with me, thank God. We talked for a while about anime and cosplay and stuff and he was actually pretty pleasant and normal, so we added each other on Facebook. He was normal at first but then things got weird.

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Submit Anon: I’m better than you. I’m more Kawaii.

So not too long ago I went to a small ish con. My first actually. I had went with a few friends. And promptly stuck to them like I was literally glue because of my social anxieties.

I went as a few different cosplays. The first day I went as Seras Victoria the first day. Tank girl as the second. And Karkat from homestuck the third. Surprisingly enough I actually received a good deal of attention. So I got to meet all kinds of  new people. Some I’d rather not have met.

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Submit Anon: Tales From the Weebside

Warning: Very, very, very long

Okay! So this tale starts off at a small town highschool in the midwest. This small town is in the middle of? ….you guessed it! nowhere.

I was in middle school and I have to admit I was quite a weeb myself. And kindof antisocial. but other than tracing and saying “look at skill!!” I don’t consider myself to be all that bad. Nor my friends either. We all hung out together and our interaction was mainly based on the fact that we all liked anime. So discussing anime. Obsessing over anime…..trying to make our own anime. You get the idea. This also reflected on our appearances. Each of us had some sort of anime styled merchandise. Whether it be a tshirt or at the very least a pin on a backpack. This made us even more obvious as the “weirdies” of the school. So you can imagine that the people we attracted were one of our own.

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How I Met a Weeaboo

It was a few weeks ago when I happened upon the r/weeabootales, which led me to here, and I immediately became hooked. I’ve had a few choice encounters of my own and decided to share one today.

Dave: Me
VP: Vice President of Anime Club P: President of Anime Club
A: Girl of my Brief Affections

My Parents figured that the best hobby for a bored midwestern 12 year old would be to learn a new language. I still down know why they picked Japanese (they’re both ethnically Indian), but by the time I was 16 I was marginally fluent in it. The twist here is that I barely associate myself with Japanese culture, none of my (primarily Indian) friends did either, and the only anime I had watched with any seriousness was Dragon Ball Z (didn’t even know what Hetalia was until I started reading r/weeabootales).

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Submit Anon: “My profile picture is an actual photo of me”

 Back in about 2005-2007, I met a girl, who we will refer to as T, on a website called Chatango. She lived in the same city as me. She was sweet and cool at first(this lasted for about a week), but then progressively started becoming stranger and more delusional.

 This string of creepy events started out with her claiming that her profile picture, which was of an impossibly busty anime girl with purple hair and wearing a skimpy, undersized bikini, was “actually a real-life photo of [her]”. I probably should have just blocked her by then, but I played along and just said “Oh, OK then”. After a couple more weeks, she picked up the habit of referring to me as “friend”, “best friend”, “bested friend”, and eventually “sexy neko girl” casually. Even more of a sign that I should have ended contact with her, but I still didn’t.

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Oh Saki

I’ll call the weeb in this story Saki, since that’s what she eventually insisted we call her. This is long, and kinda weird so…

This happened several years ago, when my friends and I were in 9th grade. My group of 6 friends and I had all gone through our weeb phase together a few years before, and now were pretty tame. Still in to anime and manga, but we knew where to draw the line. 

So in my first day of 9th grade, I noticed there was a new girl in class. My school was really ‘cliquey’ and none of my other friends were in that class, so I befriended her hoping she was nice. She noticed that my binder had a few cut outs from sailor moon and card captor sakura and the like, (I really like magical girl series, ok?) along with a few of my own drawings. She told me how much she liked both those series, and named a couple others, some I hadn’t heard of. And at first I thought she was really cool, she seemed really mature and so I invited her to sit with my friends and I at lunch at our usual spot. 

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Enter Sakura

A tale of a few stories, I bring! I suppose these will be a bit lengthy.

Way back in the god forsaken realm of high school my cousin and I hung out with this girl, we’ll call her Sakura. Sakura, Sakura was, and still is, a rather short girl with a whiney voice, too tight ponytail, buggy eyes and a penchant for blurting out uncomfortable things. To this day I’m not quiet sure why we associated with her, maybe it was because she and my cousin shared this extreme fascination with Naruto, I really just went along for the ride. Sakura happened to have this extreme, disgustingly strange love for the character Sasuke to the point that she severely web-stalked and collected portraits and fantasy daydream drawings of her and this random dude either done by her or some random poor girl she’d suckered because he apparently looked like Sasuke (other than the fact the guy had black hair, he didn’t). Fortunately the guy transferred to another school during junior year but before he hit the road I asked him what was the extent of his interaction with Sakura. He said he’d lent her a pencil and spoke to her a few times. That was it.

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Stalked Through Anime

before i start, this story isn’t so much about an obnoxious weeb, but the guy it’s about creeped me out terribly and he is sort of an otaku. this might not get posted bc of that but damn i need to tell this story to somebody.

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Submit Anon: Her “Kawaii-Chan”

Goku: Weeb
H: Me
So I have a weeb story that is has become a middle school choir legend. My weeb story starts when I was 11 years old. I had discovered Hatsune Miku one night, and I barreled into a mild weeb stage. I liked anime and mangas (I actually LOVED mangas), had been drawing anime style since I was 9, was fascinated by the language, and loved the culture and fashion. I’ve always liked cute things, and that was one of the main elements that drew me into becoming a weeb. I was very hygienic and polite. I kept to myself about anime, and have always had exaggerated movements (This is important, I promise) . I was a petite (5 foot and 93 lbs) girl when the horror story begins. On my first day of school, I headed into the choir room and sat down. I knew a few girls from the year previous, and knew some from my church, so I sat near them. We did typical first day introduction games, and when I was asked if there was something unique about me. I thought for a moment and then replied that I could speak Japanese. This interested people, and I was asked to say something. I politely introduced myself and asked how they were doing. This proved to them that I could indeed speak Japanese. A larger girl in the risers interrupts me as I explain to them what I had said. I’m going to call her Goku, as this was her favorite character. Goku interjects that she too can speak Japanese, but doesn’t want to speak any right now. I made a mental note of this, and a few days later, I went to talk to her. I asked if she could truly speak Japanese, and when she replied that she had learned from anime, we struck up a conversation about anime, manga, and vocaloid. Goku also loved all of these things, and we became fast friends.

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