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Submit Anon: We Shall Never Return


I think I have a story I could share. It’s certainly not the worst on here, but it’s not pleasant either.

Scene: ‘Hyper-Japan’ Anime Convention, London. Me + 2 of my friends. We’re all 16, and it’s our first Con.

TW: Sexual Harassment, General Creepiness

Okay, let’s begin. My 2 friends names are A and B. We brought A’s little sister too; she’s 13, and we’ll call her C.

I’ve known A and B for years, and we’re best friends. They got into anime when they were around 14, but have kept it under control due to both of them being pretty shy. I got into games and pets instead, but I have no problem with anime.

They asked me to come with them to the Con, and I happily agreed, looking forward to getting to see something they were so excited about. A’s little sister wanted to come too, since she got into anime pretty quick because of her older sis watching it. We all piled into the car of B’s dad, and got there early. 

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How I Met a Weeaboo

It was a few weeks ago when I happened upon the r/weeabootales, which led me to here, and I immediately became hooked. I’ve had a few choice encounters of my own and decided to share one today.

Dave: Me
VP: Vice President of Anime Club P: President of Anime Club
A: Girl of my Brief Affections

My Parents figured that the best hobby for a bored midwestern 12 year old would be to learn a new language. I still down know why they picked Japanese (they’re both ethnically Indian), but by the time I was 16 I was marginally fluent in it. The twist here is that I barely associate myself with Japanese culture, none of my (primarily Indian) friends did either, and the only anime I had watched with any seriousness was Dragon Ball Z (didn’t even know what Hetalia was until I started reading r/weeabootales).

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Submit Anon: Her “Kawaii-Chan”

Goku: Weeb
H: Me
So I have a weeb story that is has become a middle school choir legend. My weeb story starts when I was 11 years old. I had discovered Hatsune Miku one night, and I barreled into a mild weeb stage. I liked anime and mangas (I actually LOVED mangas), had been drawing anime style since I was 9, was fascinated by the language, and loved the culture and fashion. I’ve always liked cute things, and that was one of the main elements that drew me into becoming a weeb. I was very hygienic and polite. I kept to myself about anime, and have always had exaggerated movements (This is important, I promise) . I was a petite (5 foot and 93 lbs) girl when the horror story begins. On my first day of school, I headed into the choir room and sat down. I knew a few girls from the year previous, and knew some from my church, so I sat near them. We did typical first day introduction games, and when I was asked if there was something unique about me. I thought for a moment and then replied that I could speak Japanese. This interested people, and I was asked to say something. I politely introduced myself and asked how they were doing. This proved to them that I could indeed speak Japanese. A larger girl in the risers interrupts me as I explain to them what I had said. I’m going to call her Goku, as this was her favorite character. Goku interjects that she too can speak Japanese, but doesn’t want to speak any right now. I made a mental note of this, and a few days later, I went to talk to her. I asked if she could truly speak Japanese, and when she replied that she had learned from anime, we struck up a conversation about anime, manga, and vocaloid. Goku also loved all of these things, and we became fast friends.

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A friend of mine liked and commented on this… I love anime, but the weebishness of this post is just… Oh god.

A friend of mine liked and commented on this… I love anime, but the weebishness of this post is just… Oh god.

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Submit Anon: Touchy Usagi-Chan

TW: Sexual Harrassment

Weeb: Usagi-chan

Friends: K and J

It all started in highschool. A uniform highschool by the way. I happened to wear a rather short, pleated skirt.
This will be…unfortunately, important later on. It was 9th grade, so my first year and at the time I was just leaving my weeb phase so I wasn’t an annoying butt anymore. Anyway I happened to meet these 3 girls at a football game when I told my buddy that I’d rather be watching anime or something, than football. (I really hate football..But it was a ticket out of class!)

Anyway, Usagi-chan the “leader” or so she liked to think she was, seemed okay at first. I was just happy to meet people who shared my interests. K was a bit loud and squealy but a big sweetheart and J was rather quite. They were all about the YAOIZ, but it didn’t bother me at the time. I began to spend more time hanging out with Usagi-chan. It was fine for a while..But then eventually I noticed as I walked up the stares she’d stare up my skirt. She began calling me kawaii and made everyone refer to her as some stupid Japanese name. (She even wanted to legally change her name to it)

Soon enough, she was flipping my skirt and grabbing my chest. She’d fondle me, making me incredibly uncomfortable. And I wasn’t the only victim. She did this to K as well. We started an anime club and it was rather late. Usagi-chan had these nasty, long , unkept finger nails and went up to me and literally said this. “If I fingered you, I’d kill you” Red flag. As if the other stuff wasn’t bad enough. She’s show me dirty picture of Kakashi from Naruto and make moaning sounds in the cafeteria, which echos rather loud. I was embarrassed to be around her.

Then she asked me to go out with her. I refused, I still wasn’t sure about my sexuality at the time. Plus uh…I wasn’t interested. And she kept asking me. Every day. Every time I saw her. She pretended to speak Japanese and even tried to convince me she was. She had greasy hair, unhygenic and just plain gross. She even made the stupidest D-Grayman fancharacter that was a complete mary-sue. She proclaimed to be such a great artist, when in the years I knew her, she never improved once and most of it was just shitty traces.

At one point she screamed at me in the cafeteria for everyone to hear, making me feel like the badguy. It was the worst experience. She promised me some cosplay stuff and I was stupid enough to give her the money, and by the way the con rolled up that I needed the stuff for. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. And eventually she moved away. I never saw my stuff. J and K are no longer friends with her, but they’re two of my best friends still. Even if they get a little loud sometimes, I love them. They’ve matured, as have I.

I made a mistake, I was stupid and let her keep harassing and touching me. If someone ever does that to you, you tell them off! Or find a friend who can help.

As for Usagi-chan…Well I don’t know how she is, but I do wish her the best of luck and I hope she gets a better attitude. And maybe stops the sexual harrassment….Sorry if this wasn’t the most interesting story!

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Submit Anon: Apparently I’m An “Anime Man”

I am a multi-racial, gender-neutral teenager (born female). I was born in Southern Minato, Tokyo, Japan, despite being only half Japanese. I was raised in Caracas, Venezuela, which is a small, relatively isolated South American country. The majority of my homeland’s population is mixed race, and I was never questioned based on my appearance or origins.

Recently, I took a trip to the United States as part of my engineering course-work. As a self-admitted anime and manga fan, I decided to attend a local convention, having never had the option to visit a con while in Venezuela. Having cosplayed on multiple occasions before, I was more than prepared for this convention and was quite excited to attend. I used one of my old cosplays, Belial from “Angel’s Sanctuary" (a rather androgynous character to begin with).

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Submit Anon: “Our presentation is on YAOI, Teacher-sensei!”

A little background before we begin: at the start of the school year, everyone in our US History class was assigned a project that could be done either alone, in partners, or in groups. We could choose the theme, and how we would present it to judges, as long as it followed the state-provided prompt of “Rights And Responsibilities”. A girl I’d been friends with since middle school, who we’ll call Luna, and I decided to partner up and make a Powerpoint presentation. The idea the two weebs in our class had was a bit…different. Let’s call them Sakura and England.

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Submit Anon: I swear I’m not Japanese

Hiya… Y’know it’s sad when you have to hide your culture, just so weebs won’t be on your sack about it. While I myself haven’t had to do such a thing a classmate of mine had.

My high school art class is my least favorite class. The teacher is old as garlic balls (and wears knee skirts, my virgin eyes!) and hates all the artists I like. She believes anime isn’t a form of art. I sit right next to the teacher’s desk. I sit next to a weeb and with the exception of angel wings I cannot draw to save my life.

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I want to start off by saying that I use to be a weaboo myself. I read my first manga at the age of 10 and started to really get into anime around the age of 12. I use to have dreams about being a manga artist (basicaly drawing shitty fanart) and living in Japan and yes I use to use honorifics (-san, -chan, etc), but I only acted this way at home, but not at school because there wasn’t many people who liked anime and I usually kept things to myself (I was a shy and quiet kid). When I was in High school I calmed my tits down (I still love anime and manga to this day, but I’m more mature about it) and made some friends who also liked anime and manga. Things were pretty good!  The story I’m about to tell you is in college. It’s probably not as extreme as some of the other weeaboo stories, but I felt that this is still weeaboo material. I apologize because this story is long.

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