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Mod Test Application! Send it to us via fanmail!

Hello and thank you for being interested in taking the test to become our new third weeaboostories moderator! I’ve been SO swamped, and Mod S dissappears often, so I’ve created this test for you guys! :) Please remember to read the questions carefully, as well as the rules to the blog before turning this in.  We’ll know if you don’t and you’ll be immediately disqualified ;) Also pleaseeeee space it out accordingly so we can actually read it! @_@

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This was a youtube comment on a video about how to make an eyepatch for a Ciel Phantomhive cosplay…
I just… Okay..?

This was a youtube comment on a video about how to make an eyepatch for a Ciel Phantomhive cosplay…

I just… Okay..?

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Anon: How to Speak Japanese, desu

Found this on a daily internet routine:


Yes, you are all welcome here.
As you can read in my signature, I want to learn Japanese, and I’m not goofing off. I use mango languages, but I don’t like that way. I want to learn Japanese as if it were a first language, and think of the image, not the word, when I hear something in Japanese. So here are some tips to learn Japanese:
1). Emerge yourself in the language. Try to speak more Japanese and less Englishwhich is nearly impossible with school, but when possible
2). Listen to many YouTube videos at a time singing/speaking in Japanese, watch a lot of subbed animes. NOT DUBBED. It really helps. In fact, I learned most of Japanese from that, such as “Kero,”  ’Baka,” “Doshde?” “Dos-ka?” and a lot more. 
3). Emerge yourself in images and the words. Not just a simple translator. 

So here is my idea for Japanese learners: post a word or sentence, then post pictures to go along with it, and others will know what the sentence means. Please make sure the pictures are in order with the words. This helps with sentence syntax (if you don’t know what that means I’m not telling you, that’s what Google is for) and associating the word with the PICTURE. Don’t take classes that spend up your electives and force you to take tedious classes. You learned your first language by just looking at images and speaking with others. 

Often, I am extremely jealous of Japanese-speaking people, so this is my chance to prove I don’t have to sit in the corner wishing I was born in Japan, and if you’re still reading this I bet you are, too! Also, you can introduce (appropriate, mind you) subbed anime for us all to watch. 

After everyone is pretty good with speaking, I’ll make another post for writing Japanese ^^. 

Thanks for reading, I should let you go do stuff now! 

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Anon: I Love Scene Boys and Girls

Hey, again. It’s me, the same anon who wrote about ‘T,’ the weeb who grabbed my chest in anime club. I actually had two pedophilic stalkers last year, and now I’m here to share with you the story of the second one. 
It was around late January- early Febuary when I met him. C, my savior in the last story, had told me he’d met this pretty chill anime fan to hang out with at lunch and where they hung out if I ever felt like seeing him. So the next day I decided to meet C’s new friend. 
I’m met face to face with two seniors this Hambeast and guess who else? T, from the last story. C looked so horribly out of place. My fashionable, 6’3, pierced up, dyed hair C was hanging out with these two creeps. I already knew how horrid T was, but I looked at the other guy(let’s call him H) and thought, ‘Hey, can’t judge a book by his cover…or smell.’ So I sat down next to C and didn’t make any eye contact with T. 
I thought that H was pretty nice at first. He didn’t seem weeblike at all, and I could see why C was friends with him. We both thought H was a cool guy. He was bisexual, nice, always gave his friends gifts on holidays and was just a great guy, except for his smell. One day H asked me what I thought of T, and I told him all about T. The next day, T wasn’t hanging out with us anymore. C asked H what happened and H said, “T is a douchebag and I don’t need my two vulpixes around such people.”


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Anon: Yaoi crack pairing!

I was browsing youtube when I stumbled upon a Hetalia AMV involving the pairing RusGer. Among the comments claiming that it was a ‘crack pairing’, I found one that said: “It’s a crack pairing because they’re both seme(s)”.

Fandumb logic at its finest.

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Time for some more amazing cosplay! :D Proof you don’t need a super-crazy-detailed cosplay to look AWESOME!
Source: AmenoKitarou on dA

Time for some more amazing cosplay! :D Proof you don’t need a super-crazy-detailed cosplay to look AWESOME!

Source: AmenoKitarou on dA

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Anonymous: Mall Weeaboos

I’m FAAB, but identify as genderqueer, and generally dress and act more masculine then feminine. A few years back, I was dating a guy, and we tended to go hang out at malls a lot, because we were teens and there wasn’t much else we could do. The two of us look a lot a like, and at that time tended to have really similar tastes in fashion, so between that and my appearance, we were sometimes confused for a gay couple or siblings/cousins. This was awkward in general, but nothing tops the time we happened to run into a group of weeaboos at the mall.

We were hanging out at a bookstore, casually flipping through various manga. We weren’t doing any PDAs, but our arms were linked and his head was resting on my shoulder because he was tired. As we’re standing there going through the manga, we became aware that there was a group of about 3 teenage girls staring at us. This was a little weird, but we ignored it for a while.

That is, until we started to hear them talking to each other. They were trying to be quiet, but they kept shrieking with laughter and then saying things louder then they thought they had. Things like:

“Oh wow, look at those guys! They’re sooo hot ohmigawd.”

“Awww, do you think they’re gay? Oh, oh, they totally are, look at them! It’s just like something out of yaoi!”

“They look like they could be brothers!”

“Oh my gosh, they soooo do. Eeeeee, I want to write a manga about them!”

My ex and I were absolutely mortified and left the manga section to go peruse the sci-fi section, but the girls followed us, doing a weird fake ‘discrete’ walk that you see in cartoons. Y’know, like following a few feet back, dramatically ducking behind shelves, etc. We left the store shortly after.

We didn’t really mind them thinking we were a gay couple, since my ex was bi and understood about my gender identification, and since it happened to us a lot… but they deciding we were incestuous brothers and then stating - in public - that they wanted to make what pretty much sounded like fap material based on us… was just way, way creepy.

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Anonymous Submission

When I was in 7th grade I visited Japan to visit my sister, who was stationed there, and it was great fun, and a totally beautiful place. However when I came back, I guess I caught the attention of my best friend’s bully, this guy who I shall call Z. I don’t remember much about him from 7th grade, just that  we fought a lot because he tried to pick on my best friend, but for some reason, I forgot all about him during the summer. When school started up again, we were in the same art class and I noticed that he was good at drawing anime and started talking to him.

 At first he didn’t trust and didn’t understand why I was being nice, but after a while we would chat with each other on Yahoo, and he admitted that he had liked me ever since I went to Japan, especially because he wanted to go there and become a manga artist, that should of been my first flag, but he seemed mostly normal, nice, and we shared many common interests, so being young and stupid, I developed a crush on him, and confessed on New Year’s Eve.

At first everything was good, we’d occasionally go to the mall together and sit together whenever possible, but then things started to get… weird.

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How to cure the Weebs?

How does one cure a Weeb? I have three friends with this problem and I kind of want to kill them all.

 One is a girl that I honestly find to be very sweet, but some things she does are just terrible. She’s the worst kind of yaoi fangirl. She thinks anything with two boys together is the cutest thing in the world, but if my girlfriend and I so much as hold hands she gets all huffy and says it’s gross. Of course, this is only when we aren’t crossplaying. She blames it on never having a boyfriend. That we could both “have any boy we wanted and choose girls which is sooo wrong and not fair and blah blah.”

 She’s also obsessed with vic mangina. She crieswhenever we point out that he’s married. She won’t hear a word against him.

Number 2 is a really sweet guy. He got into anime after seeing my girl and I cosplaying last year. Thing is, he’s now obsessed. We let him borrow Gravitation. He became addicted. He threw a fit when we told him that our group already had a Shuichi. Most of his reasoning was that he’d do it better because he’s a real guy. *face palm* He keeps on buying terrible wigs to wear to school too.

Number three isn’t really a friend. He’s a guy I hung out with because I was friends with his (now ex) boyfriend. He still clings to my friend circle though. He’s one of those bad Hetalia fans. He wants to be Russia and bought this terrible wig. Super shiny, super thin. He wants my girlfriend to style it. He’s already mad that she’ll be charging him 10 dollars to do so and told him he has to wear a flesh toned wig cap.

So can one and two be cured?

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A Horrifying Weaboo Story

Copied and pasted from my blog.

They weren’t even a weaboo. They were a KH fan that didn’t know anything about Kingdom Hearts because they had only gotten halfway through 358/2 Days. Calling them a weaboo would be insulting to weaboos. That is how bad they were.

I was selling prints at a convention with a friend today and this Kairi cosplayer came over with her friends. The moment one of her friends mentioned Kingdom Hearts, she immediately took the print that I had taped down with packing tape and tore part of it off. I was rather peeved by this, even though it was a sample print, because printing this stuff out costs quite a bit of money when printing in large amounts and I don’t have a color printer at home with which to print things to sell with.

The Kairi cosplayer had hair sticking out from under her horribly poofy and frizzy red wig. She looked like she was the child of some Square Enix female and Ronald McDonald. She was overexcited and she and her friends kept crowding around the table and picking up the Keyblade I had brought to the convention to lend to my friend who was cosplaying Riku.

I was dressed up as Aerith in her Crisis Core outfit. The Kairi cosplayer started asking questions about whether or not Squall and Cloud were the parents of Sora. I was trying to be nice while being in character and replied jokingly, but she seemed serious. Oddly serious. Then she asked if my friend who was cosplaying Cloud and I were together. I wasn’t entirely sure whether she was asking about us in real life or in character. The thing is, most annoying Kingdom Hearts fans get into Kingdom Hearts for the sake of yaoi. But she didn’t even like yaoi. And on top of that, my friend that was cosplaying Cloud is female.

She kept touching everything on the table and didn’t even pay attention to the commission pricing when she was trying to buy a commission.

My friend that was cosplaying Cloud desperately needed to change out of her cosplay because she was overheating, and when she returned to the table and the Kairi cosplayer was there, my friend tried to be polite and friendly to her. I was in the bathroom at the time, so I didn’t know that this had occurred until the end of the convention. Instead of listening to my friend, she brushed her off. We had paid good money for the table, so we had some authority about what goes on at the table. My friend tried to ask her to stop touching everything so callously, but the Kairi cosplayer was rude and ignored her. For example, the Kairi kept picking up this one drawing I did of Marluxia and calling the flower petals I had painted in the background “super gay.” My friend tried to explain that Marluxia was originally going to be a girl, but was made a man later, but she didn’t listen. My friend actually knew more about Kingdom Hearts than her and my friend hadn’t even played any of the games. After I returned, she went back to normal.

I also learned later that she and her friends went to every single booth and asked if they had Kingdom Hearts stuff and would get overly excited about Marluxia to the point that they were literally throwing money at the artists for the stuff they had made. Even though they knew so little about him.

Another horrible thing: She refused to say the names of characters correctly. Even after my friend and I politely corrected her. Rickoo, AhkooRockoo, and the worst of them all: paow-paow.

On top of everything, the Kairi cosplayer and her friends were actually stalking my friend who was cosplaying Riku. They actually had to make a serious effort to escape them and found out that the Replica Riku and Zexion cosplayers that were at the convention were also being stalked. They all managed to escape and hid in one of the most obvious places at the convention: The Anime Jeopardy game that was being held in the upstairs area. While they didn’t win any prizes, they managed to get the girls off of their tracks and managed to meet up with us after the convention was over.

I know that these girls were being overexcited fangirls, but I feel insulted as a Kingdom Hearts fan that is actually rather dedicated to the series. These girls are the kind of people that give others the wrong impression about anime, manga, and video game fans.

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