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An Open Letter To Weeaboos

You horny teens and your slaughtered Japanese

Sugoi kawaii desu ne

Whatever that means.

Wearing you lolita and smelly wigs


Why is Nihon-chan better than me?

Do you even know what that means?

Wanna be manga artist,

Wannabe J-pop stars,

You Vocaloid humans

You put the Asian in Caucasion

I’m just a cock

You, with your tentacle porn and yuri

Not to mention your yaoi 

Uke is bottom, Seme is top

No semen

Only hot “smexy” action

Fetishsize homosexuality

 No understanding of real relationship

Just ships like the FedEx from Hell

Your shoujo shit

Harder sempai, nyeh~

The cat girl catastrophe

The list goes on and on

I simply do not understand

Dedicated to Weebstories, thanks for horrifying and memorization me all at the same time. Bless you.

((NOTE: I have nothing against anime. This is dedicated to those…. over the top fans who scare everyone, not fans in general))

Mod D: I sorta liked it

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From a Poland 10-minute challenge. /FUCKING SIGH./

From a Poland 10-minute challenge. /FUCKING SIGH./

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This is pretty tame compared to the horrors I’ve seen on this blog, but the urge to flip tables is felt strongly still.

I was consoling a friend who had just broken up with her girlfriend when a friend of the friend I was consoling came into our conversation. He said he’d been in that situation (i.e heartbroken) a lot of times and told us not to expect too much. He seemed to be a nice guy and pretty reasonable, so we talked. Further into the conversation, I found out that he was one of those guys who preferred 2D girls to RL girls because of past break-ups. Usually I wouldn’t care much and pass it as a personal quirk ‘cause anyone’s preference is none of my business, but, honestly, his constant rant about how 3D girls are - exact quotes - “50% whore, 49% materialistic and 1% innocent”, “Akiyama Mio is the ideal girlfriend” and “Hentai girls are the best” made me want to punch him, mostly I’m a girl and to me his ignorant overgeneralization of my gender is… I can’t find the word to describe it.

In the end, I simply said, “I’m a 3D girl, so where do I fall in that statistic?” That shut him up. I guess he had never expected being actually asked that by a girl.

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I found this on a ShounenT video. Shounen T’s music has nothing to do with anime. 8I;

I found this on a ShounenT video. Shounen T’s music has nothing to do with anime. 8I;

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Wow that is a classic ita dress right there.

*pukes everywhere* D: D: D:
-Mod M


Wow that is a classic ita dress right there.

*pukes everywhere* D: D: D:

-Mod M

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Anon: Neko Oppai and

n my school (which consists of about 2000) there are a a group of about 10-15 who like anime (including me and my friends). There isn’t an “Anime Club” because our school doesn’t really like after school/lunchtime clubs so instead most of us will meet up in the library at lunch and hang out. Most of the time we talk about random stuff and when we do talk about anime and/or manga, we only talk about it for a while before something else captures our attention. My friends have been into anime for just over a year now after I showed them Naruto. Most of them loved it, while others hated it. I showed the ones who disliked Naruto other stuff, such as K-On!! and Soul Eater and they started to get into it. I wasn’t forcing them to like it, so this made me really happy.

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Although not a story, it’s a great comparison of what determines a weeaboo (source:http://ihomicide.tumblr.com/post/27823801084/i-was-bored-so)  

Although not a story, it’s a great comparison of what determines a weeaboo (source:http://ihomicide.tumblr.com/post/27823801084/i-was-bored-so)  

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(anon please) I’m not sure if this belongs here but I just found it quite entertaining

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Anon: The Blog

Okay so this is my first time submitting something, so excuse any grammatical errors or stuff like that.This story took place in 7-9th grade for me, I’m graduated now but it really still haunts me to this day. 

There was a boy named P. He was a typical anime/gamer weeaboo that was obsessed with Kingdom hearts and weird anime’s no one watched. He had that same weeb SMELL. The kind where he smelled like a sewer.. We were in the same grade and at the time I was a big anime fan and then after a couple years I kind of phased out of it. He knew I liked anime, so naturally he talked to me a lot about it and at the time I didn’t mind because I didn’t have a lot of friends. He would always use broken Japanese towards me, trying to impress me..but saying stuff like “THAT BOOK IS SO SUH-GUH (sugoi)” and “IT’S KITTY-CHAYN (chan)!! AY-SHIT-ERUH (aishiteru, emphasizing the “shit” in the word)” to me really just…LOL. He confessed to me that he liked me in my 8th grade year of school and I had to say no (because he was always just too out there for me)… I thought it was the end…I was wrong. 

About a year later I was on livejournal and I was looking through my friends blogs and somehow I ended up finding his blog. He had a lot of posts..but it wasn’t about anime or video games..they were about ME. My stomach dropped as I read them. He was saying things like “*my name* is too kawaii today, I wish she would be like *some anime character* and take advantage of me..it’s always been my dream” and stuff along those lines. Every day he had seen me at school he went home and wrote about it on his blog. Something like “She was wearing *details about clothing* and she reminded me of the main character in a hentai.. I wish I would just tell her how I feel..” and he would always add this inner conversation between him, naruto, and axel.. stuff like “naruto: we need to get him to the pokemon center! Axel: YOU’RE RIGHT! “F”-KUN NEEDS HELP!! AWAY!!!!” and that wasn’t even the scariest part… he made FANFICTION about me and him. Names and everything.. it got so sexual and bad to the point where I was crying. It had scared me so much. 

I had told all my friends about it, and you know how the word spreads…well it got back to him and he actually came up to me within two days after I saw everything. He said “I’m sorry you saw that—” I didn’t even let him finish. I slapped him and kicked him…and walked away.

I checked back later to find that everything was deleted..but too bad I took screenshots.. yeah I bet the police had a lot of fun reading those.. 

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