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Bisexual Erasure at the Hands of a Weeb

So for this I’ll refer to myself as K, my best friend/crush as R, and the weeaboo in question as M.

R and I have been friends for years, and earlier this year I realized that I really like him. It was an interesting situation, because I had just gotten over my breakup with the first person I had ever dated, who was another girl (being with her helped me realize that I’m bi, but I digress). I’m pretty sure realizing that I liked R was what pulled me out of my misery. He’s an awesome friend, and we never fight, and not to mention my parents love him because he showed up to my house once in a suit (because he had just come from a family thing). Because we’re such good friends, I decided a while ago that I would keep my feelings to myself. I liked being friends with him better than risking it for a relationship that might ruin us, you know?

Our group is full of nerds of all shapes and sizes, but a lot of us are in on the anime club, and so I go whenever I can. M goes there, but I’m a junior, and she’s a freshman and has a shrill voice that is usually talking about whatever new girl-on-girl ship she’s into, so I didn’t really interact with her until the day I mentioned my ex-girlfriend (who I talk about nowadays the way you talk about a disappointing Christmas present from like four years ago that you “accidentally lost” and then suddenly found while cleaning your room) in a conversation with my friend. She comes up, asks if I’m a lesbian, and when I say that I’m bisexual, she goes “But you just mentioned a girlfriend!”

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Call me M. I had just moved from a big city to a very small town. Like tractor-riding-middle-of-nowhere-moonshining-Republican-football-town. The first week of school, I learned there was an active anime club on campus. Being an annoying little weeb myself, I flocked to the library for the first meeting. The president, E, started by introducing herself. I remember her EXACT words:

“Konnichiwa, minasan! Watashi was E de-su! Anime, horses, and Naruto ga su-kee de-su! Also, watashi wa lesbian de-su!”

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Submit Anon: My IRLMadoHomu

Hang there friends, this one is a doozie. It happened really recently too. (I’m in 7th grade) I apologize that it’s so long.

Weeb: Twi

Me: Homura

Friend : Madoka

Tw: Sexual Harassment

My first run in with her was around the beginning of the year in first period. (This part is sorta slow, but bare with me) I remember I was trying to have a conversation with my friend Madoka when I feel someone’s breath on my neck. I turn around to see this tall, awkward girl who, in this high, squeaky voice exclaims, “Ahh! Kawaii! A real life loli!” Presumably she meant my friend, who is short and freckled with blond ringlets. Then, she turns to me and says, “Omg, are you Japanese?” Now, this was bizarre. I am half-Punjabi Indian, but at first glance I just look white. I said nothing to insinuate I had ever lived there, so I’m still baffled as to why she asked. I politely said no, and asked her name. “Twi nya!”Oh dear, I wish I were making this up. Judging by her looks and the anime pins on her bag, I just assumed she was in a mild weeb stage. I made a joke about how when I was new like her this school reminded me of Ouran to please her. She screeched at the reference and asked my favorite anime. I replied FMAB, only to receive a “NOOOOOO, not KAWAII AT ALL1!1!1!” I shrugged. Then, came the dreaded question. The question itself was not too bad: “Are you two yuris”(I’m bi) But what it caused, Jesus take the wheel it was bad. I told her no, we had been friends since kindergarten. She pouted and said we were just being tsundere, and that we were her little MadoHomu. Ugh, I should have just told her off then.

To be nice, we let her join our table. She really wasn’t that bad, besides the whole MadoHomu thing. She was constantly trying to force me on her, and vice versa, it was really annoying, but we felt bad for her. We let her come over to out house since she had no friends to hand out with (poor girl). We would watch anime and talk about it, and even though Madoka wasn’t really a fan she put up with it because she loved the style. One time, after she had been seeing us for a month or two, she invited us to her house. That’s when it all went to hell. We started watching this title we never heard of and…. oh Lord, it was hentai. She kept pointing to the two girls on the screen, yelling “Do that! Be like that! Homu-chan, you be the seme!” Madoka was very very innocent and just sat there in wide-eyed horror. I was having a huge panic attack, and I’m still mad at myself for not coming to her rescue. After poor Madoka fell asleep, Twi started forcing herself on me, trying to grope me and kiss my neck, saying all this shit about how “If the loli won’t take you, I will” I was freaking out, trying not to cry, completely frozen in fear. I finally came to my senses, used a self-defense technique I learned on Tumblr to flip her off of me and called her mom. Thankfully I got to go home and we didn’t see her for weeks. She kept spamming us on our social media and text with nudes and hentai; no matter how much we blocked her she kept making new accounts and even bribed other kids to do it. The nudes evolved into death threats, and there was a rumor that one day she brought a knife to school. Thank God she was expelled, good riddance.

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Submit Anon: Classmate Weeb

There was a weeb that i remember from 10th-12th grade. She will be known T. T was new and I took her under my wing as i knew what it was like to be the new kid. From the get go she was a weeaboo. She loved Naruto and was obessed with it, was rather large and very strong. I did like Naruto not as much as i did when i was in middle school. But i still hung out with her because i felt bad for her. She lived down the street from me so she would come over to hang out.

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Submit Anon: “My profile picture is an actual photo of me”

 Back in about 2005-2007, I met a girl, who we will refer to as T, on a website called Chatango. She lived in the same city as me. She was sweet and cool at first(this lasted for about a week), but then progressively started becoming stranger and more delusional.

 This string of creepy events started out with her claiming that her profile picture, which was of an impossibly busty anime girl with purple hair and wearing a skimpy, undersized bikini, was “actually a real-life photo of [her]”. I probably should have just blocked her by then, but I played along and just said “Oh, OK then”. After a couple more weeks, she picked up the habit of referring to me as “friend”, “best friend”, “bested friend”, and eventually “sexy neko girl” casually. Even more of a sign that I should have ended contact with her, but I still didn’t.

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Submit anon: Weeb stalker

My birthday was recently and i deiced to do something with some people i know. This included my boyfriend J and my best friend S. Now there is a weeb we know who calls herself Neko. She thinks anime is the best thing in the world and hates anyone who disagrees. Neko also has a crush on S who has a boyfriend and has told S, “I want to be Yuri with you.” I use to hang out with her during my weeb stage but that changed when I got into 10th grade. I recently saw Neko at the college i attend. Earlier that day she had asked if i wanted to hang out but i told her no. When she asked why i told her i was going to the mall that night. That was true but i did not want her to find out about my birthday thing. So that night J, S and I all went to the mall. We had fun at first till Neko showed up while we were walking around. She was wearing this Akatsuki cloak and cat ears. She frowned asking, “Why are you not in cosplay? Isn’t this a cosplay party?” I was confused for two reasons. One, why did she think it was a cosplay party? Two did she just invite herself? But yup it was happening. She was following us and just being obnoxious. She wanted to buy S clothes to make her more kawaii. S did not like that and yelled at her. So sometime later S, J and I had a dinner reservation soon and only had a little time left. We told Neko we had to leave for dinner. At first she tried to follow saying, “It could be a double Date!” But we told her no. We to the parking lot and S said she had to use the bathroom. So she headed to the bathroom. She was gone for a long time when J and I got worried. I went to go look for her. When i headed into the bathroom I saw S crying with an old women comforting her. When i asked what happened S told me that Neko had groped her breasts and when she told her to stop Neko said, “But you are so cute.” The women told me security had taken Neko away. S just headed home that night and is now pressing charges and getting a restraining order against Neko.

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Vash Cosplayer can’t own up to his responsibilities so brings up rape instead

I’m a big fan of this blog because I think it prepares you for a ton of bullshit, specifically not feeding into someone’s ego. I live in a big city and I’ve done a fairly good job of avoiding weebs. Typically, I am a part of the gamer community, notably import games so I sometimes encounter weeaboos, but I come across as fairly intimidating so nobody starts anything with me. I’ve submitted screenshots and replaced the names with colors. I didn’t remove the tumbnails because you can barely see his face and his cosplay looks nothing like him (which is why I had no clue who he was), and my photo is too small to discern what I look like plus I know at least 4 people who have their default photo set to this location and angle. Anyway…

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Submit Anon: NekoCanadaChan, nya~!

This is the story of me, who I will call “Oogie”, my friend, who I will call “S”, and a horrible weeb,  who I wil call “NekoCanadaChan.”

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Locker-mate Weeboo

So my sophomore year in high school I was talking to one of my friends, M. She had mentioned that she never uses her locker because of the pictures her locker partner, H, posted. I knew H back form my old middle school weeb days and we’d always talk about manga and whatever, but M had been randomly assigned to share a locker with her.

Anyway, I ask M what kind of pictures they are and so she just takes me to her locker, opens the door, and there is just the holy grail of yuri hentai. H had literally plastered the locker in naked anime girls, a locker she was sharing with a stranger. I have no idea how she didn’t get suspended

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